FAQ - Female dread disease cover

Female dread disease cover is a policy designed for women and their children. It pays out a lump sum to you if you are diagnosed with a female specific disease or experience certain pregnancy complications. It also provides cover if your children are diagnosed with certain cancers.

Whether or not you are eligible for this cover will depend on your family’s health, your medical history, lifestyle and type of employment. If you do qualify, your monthly premium will be based on factors such as your age, gender, health and occupation.

You could be covered for female specific cancers such as breast, cervical or ovarian cancer, systemic lupus and certain pregnancy complications. A complete list of what you will be covered for is available in the 1Life policy book.

Yes, the age limit for purchasing of this product is 59 years old turning 60.

Waiting periods are determined by your risk calculated at the inception of the policy. The waiting periods will be listed in the policy schedule that you will receive when you take up the insurance.

No, there are no complicated medical tests that you or children need endure. All you need to complete is a simple HIV test at a selected Link pharmacy where they will conduct a saliva-based HIV test, or at a Lancet Laboratory where a blood test will be conducted. Find a pharmacy or lab here.

No, you won’t have to pay for the HIV test as the cost of the test will be covered by 1Life. Just remember to take your policy number and identity document with you when you go have your test.

Some claims may result in a full pay-out, while others in a percentage pay-out.

The remainder of your cover amount remains in place until you claim again.

You can cover up to 4 children on this policy. This includes stepchildren and children adopted in terms of South African law.

Children can be covered from birth to their 18th birthday.

Your children can be covered for childhood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and brain tumours, as well as any certain diagnoses related to pregnancy and birth complications. For a full list of covered events, please consult the 1Life policy book.

Cover may be increased, at any time once the policy has been issued, to the maximum amount that you qualify for. Further medical underwriting and an HIV test may be required. Your premium will be adjusted according to the new sum assured that has been requested and the additional cover will start on receipt of the new premium.

As the cover amount is payable to the life assured, the pay-out can only be made to them. Upon death, the cover falls away.

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