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FAQ - Dread disease

Dread disease cover pays out a tax-free lump sum to you if you are diagnosed with a dread disease such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, multiple sclerosis etc. as detailed in the 1Life Policy book.

Whether or not you are eligible for dread disease cover will depend on your family’s health, your medical history, lifestyle and type of employment. If you do qualify, your monthly premium will be based on factors such as your age, gender, health and occupation.

No, there is no waiting period that applies to dread disease cover. There is however a “survival period”. This means that the lump sum will only be paid if the assured survives for at least 28 days from the date of diagnosis.

Yes there is an age limit for this cover. You can qualify for dread disease cover at any time from 18 to 65 and you will be covered for the rest of your life so long as your premiums and policy are up to date.

Yes, you will simply be asked a few health and lifestyle questions as well as be requested to complete an HIV test.

Your premium is based on your specific risk profile. The factors that will affect your risk profile are:

  • Age – younger individuals will pay a lower premium, due to the decreased likelihood of being diagnosed with a dread disease.
  • Health – if you have a current health condition or a history of illness, the likelihood of being diagnosed with a terminal illness is much higher compared to someone who is healthy.
  • Lifestyle – if you for example you smoke, your risk to smoking related illnesses is that much higher, and influences your premiums.

No, there are no medical exams or tests. You may however be asked a few health and lifestyle questions as well as be requested to complete an HIV test.

Depending on the type of product that you purchase, you may have to either complete an HIV test, or disclose your HIV status in order to determine your risk.

You can do your HIV test via blood test at any Clicks Pharmacy.

1Life will help you to find the closest laboratory in your area, to enable you to complete the test. Visit our Find a Lab or Pharmacy page for more information.

There is no cost to you to complete this test.

Yes, as long as the life assured is aware that someone else is taking out cover on his or her life. You would have to prove that you would suffer a financial or material loss should that person fall victim to a serious illness.

Increasing the cover Cover may be increased to the maximum amount that you qualify for at any time once the policy has been issued. Further medical underwriting and an HIV test may be required. Your premium will be adjusted according to the new sum assured that has been requested and the additional cover will start on receipt of the new premium.

Guaranteed Assurability benefit On 1Life's Dread Disease Cover, the amount of cover may be increased by 25% of the original insured amount, up to a maximum of two times (double) the amount originally insured or up to the 1Life maximum insurable amount at the time – whichever is the lower. This is without the need for any further medical underwriting, other than providing a new negative HIV test for the life assured.

This benefit option may only be exercised every three years on the anniversary date of the policy or after a significant event has occurred as described below:

  • The marriage of the life assured
  • A child being born to or legally adopted by the life assured
  • The life assureds' purchase of a home
  • The life assured entering into a business or taking an increased interest in an existing business

As the cover amount is payable to the life assured, the pay-out can only be made to them. Upon death, the cover falls away.

1Life requires that you inform us if you intend on leaving the country to determine if we are able to continue cover. If you fail to notify us and a claim arises, 1Life may reduce or reject a claim.

If any of your habits change, for example you start smoking, you change your career or even take up a hazardous pursuit such as skydiving, you should inform 1Life of such change. These changes could affect your risk profile and failure to inform us of these changes could result in your claim being declined or a lesser amount being paid out at claim stage.

No, the sum assured will not change if your premium increases by 5% annually. However, your premiums will not change for the first two years of cover.

No, dread disease cover is not tax-deductible.

No you don’t. These types of insurance pay-outs are tax-free so that you can enjoy the full benefit they offer.

This is a set period of days (generally 28 days) following the diagnosis of a dread disease during which, if the life assured dies, the dread disease claim will not be paid.

Failing to pay a premium may mean that you will not be covered for the specific month. It is important to contact your insurer to make alternative arrangements. The policy may lapse if more than one premium is not paid.

A claim will be rejected if:

  • The life assured withholds information from us at any stage
  • Your illness was caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs or radioactivity and nuclear explosions

Other exclusions – or conditions under which claims might be rejected – will also be listed in the policy schedule that is issued to you when your purchase your policy.

If you need to lodge a claim with 1Life, the following procedure would need to be followed:

  • Call the claims department on 0860 10 51 96, where one of our dedicated claim consultants will assist
  • The claims consultant will provide you with the initial documentation required to process the claim
  • Completed forms need to be sent back to 1Life via one of the following:
    • Fax: 0860 10 51 97
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Postal address: PO Box 11250, Johannesburg, 2000

It is important to take note of the following time limits regarding claims:

  • An event that may result in a claim for dread disease or disablement must be reported to 1Life within 3 months of its occurrence
  • The initial claim documentation must be sent to us within 3 months of 1Life being notified of the event
  • Any additional documents required in order to process the claim need to be forwarded to us within 3 months of us requesting them

Additional documentation may be required specific to each claim. This will be communicated to the claimant(s) during the process of assessing the claim. Once 1Life have received all of the necessary documentation needed to assess the claim, a claim may be paid out within 10 working days.

No you don’t. You can use your pay-out for any expenses from medical bills to adapting your house to cater for your new circumstances in the event of being diagnosed with a dread disease.

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