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1Life Generational Wealth Plan

Insurance that builds generational wealth.

For insurance that builds generational wealth, get the 1Life Generational Wealth Plan that covers life insurance, funeral cover, dread disease cover and disability insurance. Get your combo of cover to suit your needs and budget.

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Why the 1Life Generational Wealth Plan?

Start with a plan from R350pm.

Build generational wealth with the 1Life Generational Wealth Plan.

Get the right combo of cover.

Choose from life, funeral, disability or dread disease cover.

Start with the small steps.

Talk 1-to-1TM with a skilled 1Life adviser today.

Get a Generational Wealth Plan from R350pm. Covers life, funeral, dread & disability.

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Your choice of life, funeral, disability or dread disease cover to suit your needs and budget. It’s your plan to build generational wealth, using any combo of cover.

Talk 1-to-1 with a skilled 1Life adviser today.

You can get your combo of cover from as little as R200 per month*.

A life insurance policy gives your family long-term financial protection should you pass away, by helping them pay off debt such as the family home, so that they have security for generations to come. Life insurance can also be used to ensure that your hopes for your children or spouse still come to fruition, even if you are not there.

Funeral cover ensures that you have the funds you need to pay for a respectable funeral for yourself and your loved ones without going into debt or using your savings.

Dread disease cover and disability insurance provide the financial protection you need to keep you financially stable, preventing you from going into debt should you become temporarily disabled or ill, and are unable to work or make ends meet.

Altogether, an insurance portfolio is a small, cost-effective step you can take today that allows you to build generational wealth, for years to come.

1Life policyholders have access to a free financial education course from Truth About Money. This course helps you learn, in your own time, good money management skills! In addition, 1Life policyholders also have access to a free legal assistance benefit that will help draft wills and offer legal advice for family, civil, criminal and labour matters. And there is help to manage your debts with Truth About Money’s debt management services. These benefits help you become more financially aware and teach you to manage your money, and debt better, so that you can build generational wealth for your children and theirs.

About 1Life Insurance

At 1Life Insurance, we know that insurance changes lives. It pays the school fees when mom is ill and can’t work and pays off the house when dad passes away. We believe that all South Africans deserve peace of mind and financial protection against illness, disability and death. Call us to find out which of 1Life’s affordable, simple and convenient products is right for you.

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Truth About Money


At 1Life we know that your future is written in how you manage your money. But we also know that South Africans don’t always have the money management skills they need to build the future of their dreams. The Truth About Money makes financial education and services available to all South Africans at no charge.

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