March 26, 2018. Posted in News


Divorcing can drain you, checking your life policy is always done last. Check key aspects of your policy and amend what needs to change e.g. beneficiaries.
March 13, 2018. Posted in News


Technology is advancing, businesses must adapt. meeting customers at various technology touch points to meet their servicing requirements is vital.
February 19, 2018. Posted in News


Parenthood is an important role for both the mother and father. The two need to work together to ensure their kids develop to their full potential.
February 12, 2018. Posted in News


There are so many things one can do to celebrate valentine’s day. It doesn’t always have to cost you money or leave you penniless.
January 31, 2018. Posted in News


Don’t let a disease rob you of a qualify life. Regular check ups and a healthy lifestyle is another way to prevent cancer. If it happens, are you covered?
November 21, 2017. Posted in News

Getting financial protection in the event of a dread disease is crucial, are you and your family financially secure?
November 21, 2017. Posted in News

We unpack the stigma around male related cancers and spread awareness around early detection.
November 20, 2017. Posted in News

Protecting your children’s financial future is one of the most important things you can ever do. Make sure that their financial future is secure.
November 13, 2017. Posted in News

Male cancers such as prostate and testicular cancers, in particular, are not necessarily only caused through lifestyle. Learn more!
October 23, 2017. Posted in News

1Life recently included the Guaranteed Future Value investment product to its product range, which guarantees fixed returns on a five year investment.

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