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What costs you face without a funeral plan

29 November 2022
6 minute read
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As a breadwinner, securing the future financial well-being of your loved ones is of utmost importance. This is especially true when considering the cost of a funeral in South Africa. Without the best funeral cover in place, you may face significant cost implications that could financially burden your family during an already challenging time.

At 1Life Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your family's future. Let us guide you through the process of understanding the basic funeral costs you face without funeral cover and the benefits of having the right funeral cover policy.

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Understanding funeral costs in South Africa

Funeral costs in South Africa can be substantial, including various expenses such as burial or cremation, caskets, transportation, headstones, catering and more. Let’s look at a funeral cost breakdown to understand estimated funeral costs.

For example, the cost of a coffin can range from R450 to R15 000 while a grave plot can vary from R1 500 to R8 000. Undertaker fees depend on the selected services and can range from R3 500 to tens of thousands of rands.

Other funeral costs, like catering, are influenced by the number of attendees and can range from R1 000 to R20 000. Transportation costs may include the use of a hearse or repatriation fees, which can vary depending on the location and the amount of mourners who need to be transported.

Considering the expenses covered in the funeral cost breakdown above, it becomes evident that planning and budgeting for a funeral is crucial. The right funeral cover can help you plan towards estimated funeral costs to spare your loved ones the anguish of financial stress at an already difficult time.

Even basic funeral costs can quickly accumulate, putting a strain on your family's finances when they are already dealing with the emotional weight of losing a loved one. By having sufficient funeral cover in place, you can ensure that your family is not burdened with these expenses and can focus on honouring the life of their loved one.

Not having funeral cover can have far-reaching implications for you and your family. Without proper funeral cover, your family may be forced to rely on their savings, borrow money or seek financial assistance from relatives or friends to cover the expenses to pay basic funeral costs.

This can create additional stress and financial hardships, potentially affecting their ability to grieve and cope with the loss. Moreover, not having a funeral plan may limit your family's options when it comes to planning a meaningful and respectable farewell. They may have to settle for a less expensive funeral arrangement or make other compromises due to financial constraints. By having adequate funeral cover in place, you provide your family with the necessary financial support to take care of funeral expenses without undue strain, allowing them to focus on healing and honouring the memory of their loved one.

Benefits of having a funeral plan with 1Life Insurance

Choosing funeral cover from 1Life Insurance offers numerous benefits and peace of mind for you and your family. Our plans were created especially to help alleviate funeral costs in South Africa for our policyholders. Now you can ensure that your loved ones are protected during their time of need.

We understand the importance of covering the basic funeral costs of your extended family members, allowing you to insure up to 16 family members on a single policy. Our funeral cover policies offer a maximum payout of up to R50 000 per member, accommodating the main member, spouse or partner, parents, parents-in-law, extended family members and children.

Additionally, our policies come with a range of benefits, including a grocery benefit of R6 000 if the main member passes away and a memorial headstone benefit through our supplier Metgran to the value of R5 000 on the anniversary of a successful claim.

For hassle-free claims settlement, 1Life Insurance uses RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, to approve qualifying funeral cover claims within 5 minutes! And with fixed premiums for the first 12 months, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of during a challenging time.

Secure your family's future with 1Life Insurance

Don't leave your family's financial well-being to chance. Take the necessary steps to secure funeral cover with 1Life Insurance and provide your loved ones with the financial protection they deserve. By choosing our funeral plans, you can ensure that your family is not burdened with funeral costs in South Africa and can focus on honouring the life and legacy of their loved one.

Let 1Life Insurance be your trusted partner in securing your family's future and providing reliable and affordable funeral cover plans in South Africa. Get a quote and buy your cover online and save 40% on your monthly premiums! Not yet ready to buy? Read these FAQs to find out more about 1Life Funeral Cover or speak to your financial adviser or one of our skilled consultants.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of 1Life Insurance or its employees.

We answer your questions about our products and services! 

How does not having funeral cover impact the flexibility and options available for planning a funeral?

The greatest risk of not having funeral insurance is that your family will face financial hardship after your passing. Or, would you need to borrow money or solicit help from other family members to cover the funeral expenses of a loved one?

If a family member you've insured under your insurance passes away, funeral cover benefits will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you'll have money set aside to cover funeral expenses. Funeral cover benefits (which differs from one provider to the next, but which could include transportation, grocery money, and tombstones) make it much easier to deal with the death of a loved one and make funeral arrangements.

Can funeral costs in South Africa vary based on geographical locations, and how does this affect families without funeral cover?

Funeral costs in South Africa can indeed vary based on geographical locations. In urban centers like Johannesburg, expenses tend to be higher due to increased demand and more elaborate services. However, rural areas may offer more affordable options. Families without funeral cover may face financial strain during this emotional time. Pre-planning and considering funeral insurance are proactive steps to manage costs. The importance of funeral cover cannot be overstated in easing the financial burden difficult and unexpected moments.

Are there any legal or administrative costs associated with not having funeral cover that families might overlook?

When it comes to funeral costs and the legal aspects associated with passing away in South Africa, there are several important considerations that families might overlook. These include executor fees, conveyancing attorney fees, Master’s fees etc tied to winding up your estate. Additionally, families should be aware of other costs such as funeral expenses, body transportation, etc. Having adequate funeral cover can provide peace of mind and protect families from unexpected financial strain during a difficult time. It ensures that legal and administrative costs are covered, allowing loved ones to focus on grieving and honoring their loved one who is no longer with them.

How does the absence of funeral cover affect the grieving process and emotional well-being of the family?

The absence of funeral cover can significantly impact the grieving process and emotional well-being of a family. Families without funeral cover face financial stress, limited time for mourning, guilt, and strained relationships. They may lack closure and experience emotional overload. Having adequate funeral cover not only eases the financial burden but also allows families to focus on grieving, honoring their loved one, and finding closure. It provides a safety net during a vulnerable time, allowing emotional healing to take place more naturally.

What happens if a policyholder passes away within the first 12 months of having a funeral plan with fixed premiums?

There is a 6 (six) months and 6 (six) premiums waiting period for Natural Death for the main member and all members on the main policyholder's policy. However, Accidental Death is covered immediately after the first premium has been received. A 2-year premium waiver also comes into effective on the death of the main policyholder.

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