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Let’s talk travel and your 1Life policy

12 September 2022
3 minute read
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Travel can affect your cover! Make sure 1Life Insurance knows when and where you travel to ensure your valid claim can be paid!

Travel and your 1Life policy

Long-term insurance policies may not always cover you in every country in the world, or if you are out of the country for more than two weeks on any one trip. Travelling extensively, such as spending your days travelling to clients or travelling to certain countries, may also increase your risk, which could affect your premium and your cover. It is essential that 1Life knows how and where you travel, and for how long you are out of the country to confirm if you will still enjoy cover while travelling or residing outside of South Africa.

Your 1Life policy has specific definitions of travel:

Travel is:

  • Travelling for work, such as visiting clients during working hours, either locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Travelling abroad for holiday or business for extended periods, including where you are out of the country for more than two weeks on any one trip.

Travel is not:

  • Travelling to and from work every day
  • Travelling to the shops or for social or entertainment purposes
  • Travelling to and from a holiday destination in the country

Keep 1Life updated

You need to keep 1Life informed of your travel patterns and if there are any changes when:

You take out insurance

Answer the questions about travel honestly, making sure you are clear about travelling for work purposes and any international travel you do or intend to do.

Your travel patterns change

If you start travelling more or less than you did when you took out your policy, you must inform 1Life of the change. For example, if you start a new job that requires you to travel more, or less, let 1Life know your new travel details.

Top tip: Always let 1Life know if your occupation changes as this may also affect your travel patterns and your cover.

You are travelling outside South Africa

If you travel abroad extensively and/or are going to be out of the country for more than two weeks, whether for business or pleasure, let 1Life know.

Travel may affect your cover and a claim

Travelling a lot or travelling outside of South Africa may not impact your cover at all. However, depending on your travel patterns and destinations, certain benefits may be excluded from your policy and/or your premium may change depending on how much and where you travel.

Not telling 1Life about how much or where you travel, or not updating us when your travel patterns change, could affect your cover, which ultimately could mean a claim is delayed, reduced or even declined. Rather keep us informed so you know when, where and for what you are covered.     

Contact our client services team at 0860 10 51 94 or speak to your adviser if you want to update your travel details or are unsure if we have the correct information on how much and where you travel.

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Don’t forget

In addition to letting us know when and where you travel, don’t forget to:

Obey the law

When you travel, always obey the laws of the land and the road, including not drinking and driving and obeying the speed limit if you are driving. Breaking the law can not only be dangerous and cause harm to you and others, it can also lead to a declined insurance claim!

Tell us if you take up a hazardous travel-related pursuit

You may want to take up an extreme sport or hobby such as motor racing or take part in off road rallies. This isn’t considered travel, but as it’s a similar theme, it’s worth mentioning! Some of these sports are considered dangerous pursuits or hazardous pursuits and may be excluded from your cover. Always let your insurer know if you have taken up a dangerous hobby and make sure you know when and when you are not covered!

You are covered if your policy is up to date and we have your correct details

Always let us know if there are changes to your travelling so we can change or update your policy and ensure your valid claims are paid!

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