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Divorce or labour issue? The Truth About Money Legal Assistance Benefit can help!

11 April 2022
3 minute read
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Did you know that 1Life policyholders can get legal advice from legal experts at Law for All, 24 hours a day? This is just one of the great features of the Legal Assistance Benefit from Truth About Money (TAM), available to all 1Life policyholders!

We chatted to Linda Matshoza, Legal Executive at Law for All, to find out more about what the benefit offers and how you can use it.

What is included in the Legal Assistance Benefit?

The Legal Assistance Benefit for 1Life policyholders includes:

  • 24-hour legal advice on family, civil, criminal and labour matters
  • Access to Law for All’s legal library of standard legal agreements
  • Access to Law for All’s Lawyer Referral Benefit. If a legal problem cannot be solved through mediation, Law for All will refer a client to their panel of attorneys at a substantially discounted rate
  • A Wills & Estate Benefit
Get 24-hour legal advice & more

24-hour legal advice - what kind of problems can you ask for legal advice on?

Not everything needs an attorney, sometimes you need good advice, and often mediation to resolve a legal matter!

Linda says there are a vast number of legal problems you can ask for advice on, and the sooner you ask for advice the better! “Don’t wait until things are really bad,” she says. “If you sense something is wrong, or are about to have a legal problem, call and ask for advice.” It can mean the difference between resolving an issue quickly and at low or no cost or having to appoint an attorney for a court proceeding and incurring high costs.

1Life policyholders can get advice on family, civil, criminal and labour matters from the Law for All experts.

Family matters

Linda says this includes advice on divorce and maintenance agreements, for example you want to know how to:

  • Institute divorce proceedings or respond if you have received a summons
  • Divorce without an attorney
  • Enforce or change a maintenance agreement, including how to approach the maintenance court - for which you don’t need an attorney
  • Obtain a protection order for domestic violence or harassment

Civil matters

A civil matter is when you have a dispute, in your personal capacity, with another party and want to enforce your rights. This includes consumer related matters and debt related matters. For example:

  • You bought defective goods, such as appliances that don’t work, and the retailer is not resolving the dispute to your satisfaction
  • You have a contract dispute, such as with your cell phone provider
  • You need advice on debt, including advice when you cannot make payments, receive a letter of demand or a summons
  • You lent someone money and they are not paying back as agreed

Criminal matters

Linda says some examples where you will need advice are: 

  • What to do if you are arrested
  • How to get bail

The team will also assist with following up on behalf of clients where they are the complainant in a criminal matter and are perhaps not getting feedback as to the status thereof.

Labour matters

This covers anything to do with work and grievances against your employer, including advice on:

  • What to do if you are not being treated fairly at work
  • Employment contract reviews – to make sure you understand your employment contract and all the terms
  • Unfair dismissal
  • The CCMA procedure

How the service works

When you contact the 24-hour legal advice team, they will explain your options, make sense of any legal terms (the legalese) and tell you what processes and procedures to follow. The team will also mediate on your behalf, for example contact your employer or a debtor to find a solution to a problem.

If an issue cannot be resolved by mediation Law for All will refer you to one of their panel attorneys, at a substantially discounted rate.

What is included in the Wills & Estate Benefit?

Law for All will assist 1Life policyholders and their spouses with the drawing up or amending of a will, ensuring it is valid. All you need to do is give them the details of your assets, who you wish to bequeath your assets to and name an executor.

The team will also offer expert advice on how to wind up an estate – which is the process of enforcing a will (distributing the assets to your heirs). The Law for All team will advise the executor of your will on the process they need to follow, such as registering with the Master and getting the required documentation.

If there is no will, or the will is invalid, policyholders can get advice on how the assets will be distributed and what process to follow.

Helping you look after you

If you need good legal advice from our panel of attorneys, the Legal Assistance Benefit gives you immediate access to expert legal assistance! It’s just one of the ways 1Life works to change the lives of its policyholders!

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