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Save time and money with life insurance from 1Lifedirect

Posted  June 5, 2012

1Lifedirect has put the simple back into life insurance. And when we say simple we mean life insurance by phone or online in minutes.

No frills, no fuss and no hidden clauses. How do we do it, you might ask?

Consider the facts:

  • You deal directly with us. No brokers and no paperwork. And did I mention savings of up to 22% on your life insurance premiums?


  • No medical examinations required, only an HIV test for your life policy. Do a blood test at any Lancet Laboratory or a saliva test at a Link pharmacy.
  • Life cover is just a mouse click away! Our website has all the tools you need to calculate how much life insurance you require,
  • Request a quote and even buy your cover! And if smartphones are more your thing, you can visit our mobi site at
  • If you prefer the human touch just call our call centre at 0860 10 52 71 for a quote or to purchase your life insurance.
  • And please don’t call us, we will call you. Visit our mobi-site or website to send us a please call me

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how it is done. Life insurance the 1Lifedirect way... Get in touch with us today to buy up to R6 million pure life cover with a R25 000 funeral benefit.

Pure life cover includes a terminal illness benefit, which means that if you are ever diagnosed with a terminal illness and you have a life expectancy of less than 12 months your cover amount will be paid out. Also included is access to Expo-Sure, a confidential HIV treatment and testing program.

And remember that you can add up to R4 million disablement cover and R2 million dread disease cover to your 1Lifedirect life insurance policy.

Disablement cover protects your income and pays out if you are ever medically unfit to work while dread disease cover protects against serious illnesses like cancer or heart attacks.

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