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Prepare for terminal illness with Pure Life Cover

19 October 2012
2 minute read

Learn about stages of grieving

Terminal illness is a reality for many of us, a reality that we very rarely acknowledge or plan for. Are you financially prepared for illness and death? How would you react to the news that you had a terminal illness and that your death was imminent? Learn more about the Five Stages of Grief, and about how you can ensure that your family has the financial protection they need in the event of your illness and death with life insurance.

In her book On Death and Dying, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross outlines what she calls The Five Stages of Grief as experienced by individuals in response to loss, be it the death of a friend or family member or their own terminal illness. She stresses that individuals do not necessarily experience the stages chronologically and that some individuals might not experience all the stages. For those with a terminal illness the stages are experienced as follows:

A classic defence mechanism: 'There is nothing wrong with me, I feel fine.'

Anger is directed at doctors, caregivers, family and friends: 'Why me, this is not fair!'

According to Wikipedia, individuals often bargain with 'a higher power' in a bid to delay death: 'I will do anything for....'

The individual starts to face up to the reality of their death.

The final stage, acceptance of death.

Learn more about the Five Stages of Grief. Understanding the Five Stages of Grief is an important part of preparing for the day that you are possibly diagnosed with a terminal illness. It is just as important that you and your family are financially prepared for the terminal illness and death of a family breadwinner.

Pure Life Cover from 1Lifedirect pays out from R200 000 to R6 million in the event of your death and includes a terminal illness benefit. This benefit will pay out your life cover amount while you are alive, if you are ever diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live, as confirmed by the 1Lifedirect Chief Medical Officer. Thereafter, all benefits under this product will cease.

You can also take up Dread Disease Cover, for a minimum of R50 000. Dread disease cover pays out if you are ever diagnosed with a serious illness as defined by your policy document. You can use these funds to cover living expenses while you are ill or recuperating and unable to work and to cover any expenses not covered by your medical aid.

Learn more about Pure Life Cover and Dread Disease Cover from 1Lifedirect.

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