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Here's why you need to DebiCheck your 1Life premium

3 January 2024
3 minute read

Have you authorised your 1Life Insurance debit order through DebiCheck? It could be the difference between a policy that pays a valid claim and one that doesn't because premiums aren't up to date! We take a look at how DebiCheck works and why authenticating your 1Life Insurance premium with DebiCheck is so important.

What is DebiCheck?

DebiCheck is a system used by banks to ensure that customers can authorise debit orders taken off their bank accounts by a third party, such as 1Life. The main advantages of DebiCheck are that it ensures no unauthorised debit orders can be deducted from your account and that your debit order is processed as a priority.

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In addition, debit order amounts and dates cannot be changed without your consent. DebiCheck does allow for increases in debit orders, such as an annual premium increase, but these are limited to a certain amount.

What happens if you don’t authorise a debit order via DebiCheck?

1Life Insurance, and any other provider or person submitting a debit order, will still request that your bank deduct a debit order, in this case for your premium, because it has been agreed to between you and your insurer. However, there is a risk because the bank won’t process your debit order as a priority, as they do with DebiCheck debit orders, and if there are no available funds in your account by the time the debit order is submitted, the premium may be returned unpaid. If payments are not paid on time or a missed premium paid within 31 days, policies can lapse, leaving your family without the financial protection your policy gives them.

When do you DebiCheck a 1Life Insurance debit order?

These are the times when you need to DebiCheck your 1Life debit order:

  • The first time you take out a policy
  • When your premium increases by more than a set amount, such as when you increase your sum assured
  • When your bank details change, such as you move banks or change your bank account
  • When you reinstate your policy if it lapsed more than 3 months ago

How do you DebiCheck a debit order?

When there is a new debit order, 1Life Insurance will submit the debit order details to your bank, including your contact and bank account details, as well as the amount and debit order date.

Your bank will then send you a notification of the debit order and ask you to confirm all the details, usually via SMS or USSD. You can ask your bank about their process or read about it on our website.

The process is the same if you have an existing debit order with 1Life Insurance that has not been authorised with DebiCheck. We will send the details of the debit order to your bank and they will ask you to confirm the details.

DebiCheck can often be completed in real time if you are on a call with a 1Life consultant but if this is not the case, it should happen within 48 hours of taking out a policy or making any changes to debit orders or bank accounts.

Top tip: The bank account number and cell phone number on your 1Life policy must be the same as the details your bank has. If not, your bank cannot confirm the debit order, or in some cases even contact you!

Haven't authorised your debit order with DebiCheck or unsure if it is authorised?

Contact one of our skilled 1Life consultants and they can check and start the DebiCheck process if necessary.

DebiCheck your debit order today

For your security and to ensure your debit order is given priority, it is always better to DebiCheck your debit orders. Contact us today and make sure your 1Life Insurance debit orders are authorised!

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