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What is DebiCheck?

DebiCheck is a once off electronic confirmation, either via an immediate push message or SMS from your bank, that you need to confirm within 48 hours, and it puts you in control of debit order activities on your bank account. DebiCheck is a secure process that specifies the exact amount and the date your bank account will be debited, in this case by 1Life Insurance as part of your agreement or contract with us.

When you speak to a 1Life agent, the authentication process will be a real-time process that happens while you are on the call. At times, we might need to send the authentication request after an interaction or during policy changes.

Click on the logo of your bank below for the relevant step-by-step process that is followed by your bank:


DebiCheck is a secure and reliable way to manage debit orders. It allows you to confirm new debit orders electronically before they are processed, giving you greater control over your finances. When you sign up for DebiCheck with 1Life, you will receive notifications of new debit orders and be able to approve or decline them on our easy-to-use platform.

Yes, DebiCheck is a highly secure system that uses encryption and authentication to protect your financial information. By confirming debit orders electronically, you can ensure that only authorized payments are made from your account.

Yes, you can use DebiCheck to manage debit orders from any South African bank account.

No, there are no fees associated with using DebiCheck with 1Life. We offer this service to our customers free of charge.

1Life Insurance, and any other provider or person submitting a debit order, can still request that your bank deduct a debit order, in this case for your premium, because it has been agreed to between you and your insurer.

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