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New job or planning a holiday? You need to notify us!

4 September 2012
2 minute read

My 1Life Policy

Found a new job or taking up mountain climbing? Or perhaps, despite your best intentions, you have started smoking again? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have to notify our client services team. This article will explain why and help you ensure that any claims you or your family might make are not unnecessarily rejected or reduced.

Continuity of Cover All of the changes mentioned above are relevant to a clause you will find in your Policy Book called Continuity of Cover. As a 1Life policyholder it is vital that you take note of and fully understand this clause.

To put it simply, Continuity of Cover means that 1Life reserves the right to make changes to your policy terms and conditions, your benefit amounts and/or your premiums if one of the following events occurs in your life:

  • You start smoking
  • You change your job
  • You go on holiday or change your country of residence
  • You take up or increase your participation in a hazardous pursuit

The moral of the story is keep 1Life informed of any such changes in your life so that they can make the necessary adjustments to your policy, if any. If you do not, any claims you or your family might make could be reduced or even rejected. The reality is that when you inform us of these changes in some instances your premiums might increase or your benefits decrease, but this cannot compare to the reality of reduced or rejected claims.

Smoker Status If you start smoking or resume smoking again you need to notify 1Life in writing within three months or your claim amount might be reduced.

Country of Residence Swaziland or Switzerland, the rules are simple. If you are planning on leaving South Africa for longer than 14 continuous days, you have to inform us in writing before you leave. Our underwriters will then decide whether or not they are able to provide you with cover in the country you are travelling or moving to, and under what terms. If you do not provide written notification of your travel plans, any claims made might be reduced or rejected or premiums forfeited.

Primary Occupation 1Life excludes certain occupations from disability cover. Certain occupations also put you at a greater risk of death. If you change your job, notify 1Life within 3 months, as we might not be able to continue to provide you with disability cover. In terms of your life cover, failure to notify 1Life of a change in occupation might mean reduced or rejected claims or forfeited premiums.

Hazardous Pursuits If you increase your participation in hazardous pursuits that 1Life is already aware of, or you start participating in hazardous pursuits, once again you need to notify 1Life in writing within three months. Failure to do so might result in claims being reduced or rejected or premiums forfeited. A hazardous pursuit is defined as "activities (normally of a physical nature) that increase the risk of death or disablement for the life assured".
For full detail on Continuity of Cover, please refer to the Policy Book.

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