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How To Claim On Your 1Life Policy

Claiming on your 1Life policy has never been this easy, trust us. We’ll show you how.

10 October 2017
1 minute read

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Here at 1Life we’re all about making life less complicated, so any chance we get to make things easier for you is always a bonus. That’s why we’ve come up with five easy steps to make sure the processing of claims is quick and manageable.

1. Call it in

Notify us of your claim within 24 hours by calling 0860 10 51 96.

2. Fill it in

A claims consultant will then explain the process to you and send you the form to include with your documents in order to process your claims.

3. Send it in

Once filled in, send all required documents back to us and, depending on their level of completeness, they will be submitted to an assessor immediately.
Email: [email protected]  or Fax: 0860 10 57 67. 

4. Take it in

Our assessors will then assess the claim and its legitimacy and make a decision on how to proceed.

5. Pay it in

We will then notify you about whether the claim is valid or not. If valid, we will process the payment immediately. If the claim isn’t successful, we will notify you and tell you our reasons.

All claims will be processed efficiently and quickly.

How long does a funeral cover claim take to payout?

Funeral cover claims will be paid out in 24 hours if all the correct documentation is submitted.

How long does a life cover claim take to payout?

Life insurance pay-outs may take longer, depending on the nature of the claim, but we will attempt to process the Pay now death benefit within 24 hours.

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