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Debit order bounced? 1Life now offers an alternative payment method

Posted  January 10, 2017

Good news for 1Life policyholders! If your monthly premium debit order bounces, you can simply pay it at retail stores! Here’s how. 

You can pay your premium at any of the retail stores below using your Pay@ reference number which will be supplied to you by 1Life via either email or SMS. It is therefore important that we have your most up to date contact details on your policy, please contact Client Services if you need to update any policy information or if you would like to make an outstanding payment on your policy and you have not received your Pay@ reference number.

An example of a Pay@ reference is: 115171129521322017011 which consists of a unique number (first 5 digits) followed by your policy number and year and month of the missed premium that is owing. You simply need to present this number to the cashier and ask to make a Pay@ payment. You will also only be able to pay the exact amount that is your monthly premium and that is presented to you in your communication from 1Life, per Pay@ reference.

Here’s a list of stores that accept Pay@ payments:

Spar Shoprite

Please ensure that there are funds in your account for any future collections as failure to pay your 1Life premium could result in your loved ones not having the protection they need.

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