5 tips for working moms

Every working mom can relate to that dreaded manic morning rush. When it seems like you’ll never make it out the door in one piece or on time. Try these top tips that other Moms swear by for a smoother morning routine.

19 July 2016
3 minute read

Tips for working moms

Life Changer #1 Breathe
This may sound flippant, but the truth is that it all starts with you. If you bring that calm, centred energy, the rest of the household will feel it too. Take a breath and let go of any ideas of “perfection” that can lead to that inevitable mommy guilt. There is no such thing as the perfect Mom. We are all just trying to get through the day with happy, healthy kids and our sanity intact. So wake up just a few minutes earlier and take time to breathe, jog, pray, meditate, or ingest coffee intravenously. Whatever it takes for you achieve that state of calmness you need to tackle the day!

Life Changer #2 Plan and prepareThis one takes a little forward thinking, which is hard when you live in survival mode with tiny dictators. A little bit of planning can save you so much time and stress in the morning. Individual snack sized portions for school lunches can be a huge time saver and if you can’t afford to buy those then make your own by using zip lock bags or re-usable plastic containers. There are many things that can be done the night before. Try to pack lunches, lay out clothing and outfits, pack the school and extra-murals bags and put them near the door. Go through your morning routine mentally, note the things that always set you back and do as much as you can the night before.

Life Changer #3 Mommy firstMany working moms swear by this one. We all know that auto pilot mode that makes us think we need to sort the kids out first. But between breakfast and dressing battles the time flies and before you know it’s time to leave the house and you are only half dressed. So, make sure you are completely done, throw on a gown to catch spills and messes and you’ll be ready to leave as soon as the munchkins are done.

Life Changer #4 Choose your battlesIf you don’t have the time, just don’t engage. Don’t fret about what your kid eats at each individual mealtime. As long as they eat a balanced diet throughout the day then they are getting the nutrients they need. So if one morning there is an epic battle about breakfast, just let it go and make up the nutrients another time. Another popular morning time saver is to find breakfast options that kids can eat in the car. Toast, wraps, anything mobile and then put on their gowns to avoid messes. If dressing is an issue, let them choose what to wear. Is it really the end of the world if socks are mismatched or your kid goes to day care in their PJ’s? School uniforms are trickier but try to find a way to make your kid feel like they have a choice or at least feel involved. Let them lay it out the night before and make a game of putting the whole outfit together, pretend you can’t remember what is needed and get them to “help” you.

Life Changer #5 Have a solid back up planThe one thing that can derail even the most organised Mom is when plan A falls through. Your Nanny calls in sick, or has a transport issue, your kid is too sick to send to day care or the day care is closed due to some kind of viral outbreak. At any moment life can throw you a curve ball and that’s when you need a reliable plan B. Grannies, family members, babysitters anyone else who can step in at the last minute. Make a list of possible people and ask them if they would be ok with being your back up plan in case of an emergency. But make sure you have a few on your list in case they aren’t available on the day because, you know, life happens.

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