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1Life sells R1 billion in life cover in one month

Posted  January 23, 2007

Celebrations are underway at 1Lifedirect, South Africa's first truly direct life insurer. In just a month since its launch, the company has sold R1 billion worth of life cover to its clients. This fact definitely proves that there is a need for a direct life insurance channel and that consumers have welcomed this refreshing alternative! According to Lenerd Louw, CEO of 1Lifedirect:

To date, 1Lifedirect has received an overwhelming and extremely positive response from the South African public.The response we have received really proves that consumers welcome our channel's ease, convenience and simplified product offering and that you can cut out the middleman, and save, when it comes to life insurance.

Louw continues:

Our success to date can be attributed to the fact that consumers have noticed that there is a need for change within the life insurance industry and are now confident to investigate other options. In addition, many consumers did not know how much commission they were actually being charged in the past by brokers, and have welcomed the fact that they do not have to pay broker commissions with 1Lifedirect.

Our clients have also been pleasantly surprised by the cost effective quotes they have been receiving from us, and have realised that you can get a quality product, quickly, without the hassle of lengthy broker meetings and paperwork.

The fact that 1Lifedirect is financially backed by Budget Holdings Limited (BHL), a large multi-national company based in Europe and that it has funding in place to preserve the stability of the company has also gone a long way in installing confidence in consumers.

We are confident that the success we have experienced to date will continue and look forward to a bright future concludes Louw.

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