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Roodepoort resident wins R100 000 to realise lifelong ambition

Posted  October 5, 2006

Route 66, the 2400 mile legendary highway which stretches from Chicago to Los Angles, has been celebrated in American pop culture, music and literature. It's iconic and historic status has lead to it becoming a buzz-word for freedom and optimism. It embodies the American Dream and conjures up a feeling of nostalgia, excitement and adventure.

For Mark Duncan, a banker from Weltevreden Park, Roodepoort, to cruise along this infamous landmark has been a lifelong ambition. Why you may ask? Well, because of its magical symbolism, Mark would reply. This dream has always been far-fetched though," says Mark.

My wife, Diane, and I have always wanted to cruise across Route 66 on a Harley Davidson or in a Mustang Convertible, but this type of thing only happens in the movies, not to a couple from Weltevreden Park!"

The Duncan's lifelong dream is no longer implausible; in fact, it was recently turned into a reality thanks to the help of 1Lifedirect, South Africa's first fully direct life insurance provider.

I couldn't believe my luck. All I did was enter my details on the 1Lifedirect website for a quote, and now our lifelong dream has been fulfilled. It is a wonderful stroke of luck and we are over-the-moon! "says Mark, who will be jetting off to America to travel across Route 66 in a Mustang Convertible with Diane, later this year.

Commenting on the lifelong dream competition, Lenerd Louw, CEO of 1Lifedirect says: At 1Lifedirect, we believe that life is for living. That is why we decided to run with this competition as it gives South Africans the opportunity to accomplish their ultimate ambition. We are extremely pleased that we were able to make Mark's lifelong dream a reality."

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My 1Life Policy

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My 1Life Policy

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My 1Life Policy

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