B-BBEE accreditation

1Life has achieved a level 6 accreditation for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).

What is B-BBEE?B-BBEE is not only required by law but is also a positive step towards empowering the majority of South Africans. Accreditation is measured according to predetermined categories namely; business ownership, skills development, employment equity, spend on majority black-owned businesses, socio-economic initiatives and partnering with majority black-owned business/enterprise developments.

What does B-BBEE mean for 1Life?As a responsible corporate citizen and a respected business leader 1Life takes transformation seriously, because we believe it will contribute to social harmony and produce economic benefits for all. We will, therefore, continue with a range of initiatives aimed at improving our B-BBEE status, while at the same time making 1Life and South Africa a better place.