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Investments 2022-07-28

Discover 1Life Future Value Investment for tax-free guaranteed investment returns

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With 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment the future value of your investment is guaranteed upfront. Commission is capped at 3% and all pay-outs are tax free. It’s the right choice for investors looking for a secure and low-risk investment.

Why 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment?

Guaranteed growth

The future value of your investment is guaranteed with fixed returns on investments.

Fixed investment fees

Commission is capped at 3% plus VAT.

Tax-free pay-outs

The original investment amount plus your returns are tax free.

Once-off withdrawals

After the first year of investment, you can make a once-off withdrawal.

Estate planning benefits

Beneficiaries can be added to investments to avoid proceeds being tied up in your estate.

Flexible investment options

Invest as an individual or a trust, with natural persons as beneficiaries.

For guaranteed returns in an unstable economic climate invest with 1Life Investments

Investments FAQs

Invest your lump sum into the 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment and select the guaranteed portfolio option to ensure that the guaranteed rate is fixed. The guaranteed rate is established when the first investment is made. After the first year of investment, you will be permitted a one-part withdrawal during the investment period. A surrender option is also available after the first year. At the maturity date, the maturity value will be payable to you. This will automatically be invested into a money market product.

You need to invest R100 000 or more over a five-year investment period. You cannot make additional deposits during the term of the investment.

Beneficiaries can be added to the investment. If you die before the term is up, the proceeds will be paid directly to your beneficiaries and not tied up in your estate until it is settled. The proceeds are, however, considered part of the estate of the deceased and attract estate duty.

The 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment is ideal for you if you:

  • are looking for a guaranteed return after five years
  • want to diversify your investment strategy
  • are looking for a secure, low-risk way to invest your money
  • have a high marginal tax rate
  • don’t need your capital for the next five years

1Life Future Value Investment is a low-risk product. The money is invested with the Guarantor, which is a large South African bank with one of the highest credit ratings, to ensure that the investment risk to you has been mitigated to the best extent possible.

About 1Life Insurance

At 1Life Insurance, we know that insurance changes lives. It pays the school fees when mom is ill and can’t work and pays off the house when dad passes away. We believe that all South Africans deserve peace of mind and financial protection against illness, disability and death. Call us to find out which of 1Life’s affordable, simple and convenient products is right for you.

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At 1Life we know that your future is written in how you manage your money. But we also know that South Africans don’t always have the money management skills they need to build the future of their dreams. The Truth About Money makes financial education and services available to all South Africans at no charge.

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