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Young adult

youngadult.pngYou are 26-years old and in the prime of your life. You don’t have a family to care for and illness and death are a lifetime away. Your parents buy disability insurance and dread disease cover, not you.

You might feel like Captain America, but serious illness and disability don’t care how old you are. Don’t let the independence you worked so hard for be taken away by illness or even a car accident that leaves you wheelchair bound and dependent on your family members. As for death, you might not have a family to care for but you need to make sure that your parents are not left holding the bill for your funeral expenses.

Consider this your wake-up call and find out why you should consider funeral insurancedread disease cover and disability insurance.

Because a lack of funds should not stand between you and the care you need, 1Life Dread Disease Cover will pay out a tax-free lump sum if you fall victim to a serious illness such as cancer. This pay-out can help you pay medical expenses not covered by your medical aid and cover living expenses while you are recuperating.

Make sure that your family has the funds they need to cover your funeral expenses. 1Life Funeral Cover includes a grocery benefit that will pay out up to R1000 per month for six months to the policy’s beneficiaries. You can also insure additional family members on your policy, for example your parents and even siblings.

A disabling accident should not mean the end of a full and rewarding life. With disability insurance you have the funds you need to overcome disability and live the life you want, without becoming a financial burden to your family.

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