Starting a family

Congratulations, you are going to be a mommy or a daddy. You buy prams and baby seats and mountains of nappies and wonder how on earth you are ever going to care for your baby. If it is advice you are after then this is what you need to know about buying your baby the financial protection it needs.

First stop for any parent-to-be is life insurance. Stop for a moment and think about how your partner or spouse would raise your child without your salary. Sure, they might get by, but at what cost? Good schools and neighbourhoods are expensive and so is private medical care. Enter your life insurance pay-out, the funds your partner needs to give your child everything of the best.

Also on your to do list is dread disease cover. Serious illness is expensive. Dread disease cover gives you the funds you need to cope with serious illness without compromising your family’s finances.


Life Insurance

Life insurance pays out in the event of your death, funds that your partner or spouse will need to provide for your child, from school fees and medical bills to the bond on the family home.



Dread disease cover

Your dread disease cover policy will pay-out if you fall victim to a serious illness like cancer, money that can be used to pay medical expenses not covered by your medical aid and even to cover basic living expenses while you recuperate.



Disability insurance

Your disability cover policy will pay out a lump sum that you can use to replace all or some of your income and help pay off your debt. You can also use the funds to remodel your home or car to cater for your disability.



Funeral cover

Make sure that your family has the funds they need to cover funeral expenses. 1Life Funeral Cover includes a Memorial Benefit to pay for a tombstone.