Living together

From first date to boyfriend and girlfriend to buying a place together, you and your partner or spouse are building a life together. Just as you insure your new home and your possessions, so you have to think about insuring your life against illness, disability and even death.

Your partner relies on your income to help pay off your joint debt, for example the bond on your new home. With a life insurance policy you know that he/she would be able to pay off your portion of any debt that you incurred as a couple. But your insurance checklist does not end there.

You also have to think about the impact disability or illness would have on your joint finances. With dread disease cover you know that you have the funds you need to pay any medical expenses not covered by your medical aid if you get a serious illness like cancer or a heart attack. With disability insurance your pay-out will allow you to customise your home or car, pay off your debt and rebuild your life without becoming a burden to your partner.


Dread disease cover

1Life Dread Disease Cover policy will pay out a percentage of your cover amount as a tax-free lump sum if you fall victim to a serious illness such as cancer, paying medical expenses and covering basic living expenses while you are recuperating. Your illness should not have to mean sacrifices for your partner.


Funeral cover

Make sure that your partner has the funds he/she needs to cover your funeral expenses. 1Life Funeral Cover includes a Memorial Benefit to pay for your tombstone.


Disability insurance

Your disability cover policy will pay out a lump sum that you can use to replace all or some of your income and help pay off your debt. You can also use the funds to remodel your home or car to cater for your disability. Don’t become a financial burden to those you love.


Life insurance

Life insurance pays out a lump sum in the event of your death, funds that your partner can use to pay off all or some of your joint debt.