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Introduction to expense protector

1Life Expense Protector is the protection you and your family need against the loss of your monthly salary due to temporary disability or illness. If you are ever disabled by an accident or illness and cannot work your policy will pay out a replacement monthly income, as selected by you when you take out the policy, until you are well enough to start working again.

With 1Life Expense Protector you have peace of mind knowing that bills will be paid and food put on the table even if you are unable to work for a few months.

While 1Life Expense Protector is designed to cover your monthly expenses if you are ever temporarily disabled, 1Life Disablement Cover provides financial protection against permanent disability, paying out a lump sum that can be used to settle your debt, remodel your home or car to cater for your disability and replace all or some of your income.

Take note

There are some cases in which an expense protector policy will not pay out, for example if the disability is the result of excessive consumption of drugs. For a full list of exclusions go to 1Life Expense Protector page.

Who needs 1Life Expense Protector?

Would you be able to pay your bills if you could not work for a few months? Quite simply, anyone who has monthly expenses like debt repayments, school fees and transport needs the protection of 1Life Expense Protector.

How much do you need?

When you buy 1Life Expense Protector our call centre consultants will provide a comprehensive needs analysis with relevant questions asked around the amount of cover you and your family need. You can choose to have between 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your total insured amount paid over the months that you recover from your injuries or illness.

So, for example, Harry was earning a gross salary of R20 000 a month, and decided to purchase an expense protector policy. He elected to have 75% of his gross income to be paid out every month if he suffered a disabling injury.

Harry contracted a severe viral infection which kept him in hospital and at home for months so he claimed from his policy while recovering. As per the terms and conditions, his claim was deferred for the first 3 months, then as it was still valid the policy paid out R15 000 a month until he was able to go back to work.

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