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FAQ - DebiCheck

DebiCheck is a new way you control how certain debit orders are taken out of your bank account. You confirm this once, at the start of the contract. This is done to inform your bank that you give permission for the money to be taken from your account.

The Debicheck system was designed by banks and according to the prescribed industry standards. The system is therefore secure. Your bank will communicate how you can securely and electronically confirm your debit orders. You will therefore need to ensure that your bank has your updated cell phone number and that all your contact details with the bank are up to date.

There has been a rise in instances where money is taken from consumers’ accounts without permission as well as consumers arguing and reversing debit orders that they rightfully owe.

For these reasons, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) decided to change the debit order process and during 2013 instructed the Payments Association (PASA) and the banks to address these issues. DebiCheck aims to address both of these issues by introducing consumer confirmation for all DebiCheck debit orders.

Although not the only way, one of the primary means of contacting you to perform a DebiCheck confirmation will likely be through your cellphone. Remember, DebiCheck is all about putting you in control and allowing you to confirm your DebiCheck debit orders directly with your bank. For this to happen, your bank has to know which number to contact you on.

No, only at the start of your contract or sale of your policy. Or, if any of the information you confirmed originally, changes.

To electronically confirm your debit order means that you confirm the details of your debit order on an electronic device such as your cell phone, your bank app, your personal computer or perhaps an ATM. Your bank or service provider will let you know which options are available for you to use.

Not necessarily. You will be able to go to your branch, but you won’t HAVE to. Your bank will make a number of options available for you to electronically confirm your DebiCheck debit order, for example on your cellphone or internet banking.

DebiCheck is a type of debit order and is a bank product, used by companies and consumers.

DebiCheck puts the control in your hands. You will have the comfort of knowing that DebiCheck debit orders must be processed within the agreed conditions that you have confirmed.

1Life will make use of the electronic confirmations via your mobile phone at the time of your sale or administration of policy. We will also offer you the option to confirm your DebiCheck via your phone app, online banking, ATM or at your bank within 48hrs of the sale or admin call.

Your bank as well as 1Life will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. You can also visit for more information.

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