FAQ - 1Life Pulse

With 1Life Pulse you can earn up to R500 000 additional life cover when you make better lifestyle choices through the VeoSens health management app.

You may take out the 1Life Pulse offer provided you have not exceeded your individual allowed maximum cover, as stipulated by industry regulation.

The bonus is earned according to a pre-determined formula and depends on your engagement and health scores – each contributing 50% of the bonus.

For the engagement element, if the device is worn at least 20 days per month, the full bonus for this component is given (50% is given if it is worn for at least 15 days). Total monthly potential engagement bonus is R8 160, depending on cover taken.

The health score is made up of sleep, activity, fitness and heart scores. Each component carries equal weight and is evaluated and allocated a bonus separately.

Ts&Cs apply

You do not have to be a member of a gym to grow your cover. Your health score includes a fitness element; however, it is not specific to gym membership.

Your health score is calculated daily, and your total accumulated bonus cover will reflect on your VeoSens app under ‘coverage’. It is then updated on your policy schedule on the 1st of every month until the end of the 24-month period.

Contact 1Life Client Services on 0860 10 51 94 or [email protected].

Contact 1Life Client Services on 0860 10 51 94 or [email protected].

  1. Ensure you have the Galaxy Wearable App downloaded to your smartphone (available on Play Store and App Store).
  2. Pair your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 to your mobile device (refer to your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Quick Start guide).
  3. Activate 1Life Pulse
    • Open 1Life website, select Policyholder login.
    • Enter your ID & the site will send you an OTP.
    • Enter the OTP.
    • Look for the 1Life Pulse product.
    • Click on 'click here to activate'.
    • Read the consent scripting.
    • Click on the tick box to accept (Privacy Policy & VeoSens Terms of Use)
    • Once consent is provided, the portal will display your personal VeoSens login details.
  4. Download the VeoSens App to your smartphone (available on Play Store and App Store).
  5. Open your VeoSens App and follow the prompts to login and set up VeoSens on your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

The offer is available to all users whose smartphones are on Android or iOS operating systems.

1Life Pulse is currently only available with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

Warranty starts from the day you open the seal on the device packaging. Refer to your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Quick Start guide for more information.

Should you cancel your 1Life Pulse cover at any time during the 24-month period, the full price of the watch will become due and payable immediately to 1Life.

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