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1Life Pulse Life Cover terms and conditions

  1. 1Life Pulse is an optional and additional benefit to your life insurance cover, together referred to as your “Policy”.
  2. 1Life Pulse is available to customers who qualify based on income and a healthy credit score, upon taking up a new 1Life Life insurance policy with a minimum cover amount of R 1 000 000.00.
  3. Bonus cover is variable and based on the sum assured of the underlying Life Insurance Policy.
  4. 1Life Pulse will commence on the same date as your underlying Life insurance policy.
  5. 1Life Pulse has an initial term of 24 months where after the total Bonus Cover earned at that stage will be added to the sum assured of the underlying Life insurance policy.
  6. At the end of the initial term the 1Life Pulse benefit may be renewed for a further period of 24 months at an additional cost.
  7. Base Cover and Bonus Cover refers to additional cover a customer could obtain by selecting 1Life Pulse.
  8. Upon selection of 1Life Pulse the customer will automatically receive 20% of the bonus cover amount applicable to your policy as Base Cover. The Base Cover portion of 1Life Pulse will be effective from the commencement date of the Policy.
  9. The customer will be required to participate in the VeoSens Health Management Programme in order to qualify for Bonus Cover. The maximum possible Bonus Cover is R500 000,00 over the initial term.
  10. The 1Life Pulse Bonus Cover can be earned from the 1st of the month following the activation of the VeoSens Health Management Programme until the end of the 24-month period in monthly increments based on your engagement and health scores.
  11. The 1Life Pulse Benefit includes access to the VeoSens Health Management Application that enables the tracking of health data and the calculation of Bonus Cover through the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Smart Watch (“the wearable”) or any such other Smart Watch that may be available from time to time.
  12. The cost of 1Life Pulse is additional but is included in your monthly premium.
  13. The Wearable will be shipped to you once we have confirmed receipt of your first premium, you have completed your HIV test and we have received the results.
  14. The Wearable will only be shipped if your premium payments are up to date.
  15. Should you default with your monthly premium at any time during the 24-month period the full price of the Wearable will become due and payable immediately to 1Life and 1Life reserves all its rights in this regard.
  16. Once you have received the Wearable you need to activate the VeoSens Health Management Application to enable the earning of Bonus Cover, by downloading the VeoSens Application and pairing the Application with your Wearable. Instructions to do this will be included in the package when the Wearable is delivered.
  17. Your first Bonus Cover will become available and reflect on the VeoSens Application from the 7th of the month following activation subject thereto that you have met the minimum data requirements in order to generate a Health Score.
  18. 1Life will on a monthly basis inform you of the value of your Bonus Cover.
  19. The Bonus Cover is calculated according to a pre-determined formula and dependent on engagement and various health scores for the previous month. The Bonus Cover amount may therefore vary each month. No negative bonuses will be applied. The total potential maximum Bonus Cover amount for each month will be the same.
  20. The Bonus Cover allocation is derived by an engagement and a health score each contributing 50% of the Bonus Cover.
  21. For the engagement score the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 must be worn for a minimum of 7 days in order to generate a qualifying score. If the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is worn for 20 days per month, the full bonus for this component is given. Only 50% is given if it is worn for 15 days, and a lower engagement score is given if the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is worn for less than 15 days.

    Bonus cover R250 000 R300 000 R400 000 R500 000
    Score Band Range Amounts
    0-25%  Very low 0 0 0 0
    26-40%  Low 0 0 0
    41-60%  Fair R650 R750  R1000 R1250
    61-75%  Good R860  R975 R1300 R1625
    76-100% Excellent R1090 R1225 R1635 R2040
  22. The health score is made up of the following health indicators: sleep, activity, fitness and heart scores. Each indicator carries equal weight and is evaluated and allocated a bonus separately as follows:
  23. The total monthly health bonus is the sum of all individual health bonuses.
  24. Customers disclosing a HIV+ status at application will be offered 1Life Pulse, however the insurance cover and bonuses earned will be payable on accidental death only.
  25. Customers whose HIV tests come back reactive or who do not provide an HIV test within the required 3-month period will have their initial base cover applicable to accidental death only. Bonus Cover can only be earned on activation after the submission of the HIV test.
  26. Customers whose test results reflect as inconclusive will be required to re-test. Their cover will remain on cover, unless the second test reflects as reactive in which instance their cover will drop to Accidental Death Benefit
  27. Should a customer provide a negative HIV test after the 3 months, their insurance cover, Base and Bonus Cover will be reinstated to full life cover as per the underlying product rules.
  28. Should a premium be unpaid for a certain month, the 1Life Pulse Bonus Cover will be suspended and a customer will be unable to earn this cover until the premiums are paid up to date. Bonus Cover earned up to date will not be lost and will not increase while the Policy is suspended.
  29. Should the policy be reinstated within the 24-month period the Bonus Cover earned prior to reinstatement will be reactivated and the customer can earn the available Bonus Cover for the remainder of the 24-month period.
  30. Customers who participate in the 1Life Pulse offering acknowledge and consent that limited personal information, including the health indicators generated, will be processed by 1Life, LifeQ and Samsung for purposes of the provision of the services and benefits set out herein.

Safety InformationThe 1Life Pulse Benefit and associated health scores do not constitute medical advice or diagnosis and only serve as a solution to assist you to monitor your health and well-being.

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