Female dread disease cover

Female dread disease coverAs a mother we know that you will do whatever it takes to care for your family. With 1Life All Woman female dread disease cover you know that you will have access to the care and treatment you need if you or your children ever get cancer. 

Why 1Life Female Dread Disease Cover?

  • A lump sum pay-out if you are diagnosed with a female-specific cancer
  • Cover for up to four children for certain cancers
  • Emergency benefits include Trauma and Assault Helpline, panic button & home invasion assistance
  • Also includes Home Safe Chauffeur, Law for Her & HIV Prevention Benefit


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All Woman female critical illness cover, also known as female cancer cover, pays out a percentage of your cover amount if you or up to four of your children get certain types of cancer. It also protects you against systemic lupus, pregnancy related complications and accidental HIV exposure.

Your pay-out can be used to cover costs not paid by your medical aid and to cover basic living expenses while you are recuperating.

Get access to the care you need when you need it with All Woman!

No medicalsNo medical examinations required.

Fixed premiumsNo increase in your premiums for the first 24 months and thereafter they will only increase by 5% per year. (For example, if you are paying R150 per month, the increase after 24 months will only be R7.50)

Guaranteed assurabilityYou can increase your critical illness cover amount without having to undergo a medical on your policy anniversary or if you get married, have a child or buy a new home.

Do you want to find out more? Read our female critical illness cover FAQs.

What are YOU waiting for? Find out just how affordable 1Life Female Dread Disease Cover is.

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Ts&Cs apply.

We know that the safety of you and your children is all that really matters, which is why your policy includes a number of benefits.

Intelligent PanicFor 24-hour emergency assistance, simply press a dedicated number on your phone and our experienced crisis management team will call you back and help you manage any emergency situation.

Crime Victim AssistA home invasion by criminals could leave you with nothing but nightmares. Pick up the pieces and move on with help from our Crime Victim Assist programme, which offers you multiple benefits including, amongst others, a R200 pre-loaded cell phone, a R500 pre-loaded credit card, and a locksmith and security guard for 48 hours. In the event of your vehicle being hi-jacked, we will provide you with Uber vouchers for 48 hours to keep you mobile, and in the case of your home being invaded, we will provide hotel accommodation to the value of R2000 per annum.

Trauma and Assault HelplineSometimes the worst does happen. With the Trauma and Assist Helpline you can get your family the help they need to fight back against rape, assaults and serious illnesses such as cancer.

Home Safe Concierge/ChaufferThis benefit can be used after doctor’s appointments, for hospital visits, to fetch your dependants if you are stuck in a meeting or even when you’ve had one too many drinks. The service operates within a 50km radius of the Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town city centres and offers you 12 call-outs per year at up to R500 per call-out. Alternatively, the use of Uber’s services can be arranged and capped at R200 (return trip). Any costs incurred over and above this will be for the client’s own account.

Law for HerA legal advice service designed specifically for women, Law for Her provides 24-hour legal assistance on maintenance representations and protection orders and arrests as well as help for victims of crime.

Financial needs analysisBenefit from a financial needs analysis before you buy your cover. This means you only buy the cover you and your family need, based on your individual circumstances and what you can afford.

Truth About MoneyAll South Africans qualify for money management services from Truth About Money at no extra charge. These services include debt management and counselling, estate planning and financial literacy courses. Find out more about Truth About Money.

Great benefits - but what about the premium? Find out just how affordable 1Life Women Critical Illness Cover is.

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Ts&Cs apply.

How is my premium calculated?Your female dread disease cover premium is based on your specific risk profile. This means that factors like your age, gender, occupation and health will all be considered when your monthly premium is calculated.

When will a policy pay out?This product pays out a percentage of the sum assured if the life assured, or up to four children of the life assured, suffers an event as defined in the policy schedule. These events include certain types of cancer, systemic lupus, pregnancy related complications and accidental HIV exposure.

Only one claim will be paid per event. Any claim that is paid out will reduce the amount available for future claims. Once a cumulative amount of 100% of the total sum assured has been paid out, no further payouts under this benefit will be considered and cover will cease.

Cover for children

  • A child is defined as the life assured’s biological child, stepchild or legally adopted child
  • The cancer must require treatment by surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy. The diagnosis must be confirmed with a valid pathology report and a report from an approved specialist
  • The child must be 18 years or younger and unmarried at the date of diagnosis
  • A maximum of 1 claim per child will be covered
  • A maximum of 4 children will be covered
  • A 6-month waiting period will be enforced
  • The benefit paid out on child cancer is 50% of the sum assured or R250 000, whichever is lower
  • Claims should be submitted within 3 years of the birth of a child in the case of claims for conditions relating to congenital abnormalities

Waiting periodYou will not be entitled to claim on certain events covered under this benefit for the duration of the period indicated in your schedule from the date of commencement of this contract. Please see your schedule for the details of any applicable waiting periods.

Pre-existing conditions and exclusionsThe life assured will not be covered for any claim arising from any disease, injury or any other condition, which, in the opinion of your product supplier, is related to a previous disease, injury or other condition for which the life assured has received medical treatment or advice at any time prior to the commencement of this policy.

When would a female critical illness insurance claim be rejected?A claim will be rejected if:

  • The life assured withholds information from us at any stage
  • Your illness was caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, radioactivity and nuclear explosions, elective termination of pregnancy or self-inflicted injury

Other exclusions – or conditions under which claims might be rejected – will also be listed in the policy schedule that is issued to you when your purchase your policy.

Read this blog to learn more about why female dread disease cover claims are rejected.

How do I submit a female dread disease insurance claim?You can find out how to submit a claim on our claims page. 1Life takes claims seriously and endeavours to attend to them timeously. Please speak to a claims advisor on 0860 10 51 96 if you need any assistance or have any queries.

Minimum age of entryYou have to be between the ages of 18 and 59 to purchase 1Life All Woman.

Find out just how affordable 1Life Female Dread Disease Cover is.

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