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1Life is truly committed to treating customers fairly

Posted  January 9, 2013

The Financial Services Board’s Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) initiative will ensure that all financial services companies place the customer at the centre of their business.

1Life’s vision since its launch is to transform and improve South African life insurance into a customer friendly, service-orientated, educational and well-informed industry. We are proudly South African and particularly mindful of the needs of the South African consumer. 1Life’s culture is to “change our clients lives” and this is central in everything that we do, the new TCF legislation formalises the way we embrace doing business.

1Life is committed to embedding the underlying principles of this new legislation into our business, to this end all our staff are dedicated to Treating Customers Fairly with our “service way” and are monitored and measured in their performance contracts to ensure that these values are lived throughout the organisation.

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