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How the TAM Legal Assistance Benefit can help you

8 June 2021
3 minute read

Sometimes you need legal help with a problem like a claim for damages caused by careless builders, or to draw up a legally binding contract. But legal advice is expensive. In fact, only 37% of South Africans can access legal help when they need it. Now you too can afford legal advice! As a 1Life policyholder you have access to a new legal assistance benefit from LAW FOR ALL, courtesy of 1Life and Truth About Money. We found out more about the legal assistance benefit and how it can help you.

There’s a good chance you’ll need legal advice

“No one expects to land in legal hot water,” says Advocate Jackie Nagtegaal, LAW FOR ALL’s Managing Director. “But there is a high likelihood that it will happen at some point in life, and it could have debilitating financial consequences.”

Whether it’s a divorce or maintenance dispute, a dispute with a service provider, or something more serious like an arrest, having a legal professional on your side and access to good legal advice can mean a successful and speedy resolution. Which is why 1Life is giving added value to policyholders with a legal assistance benefit. 

Legal assistance benefit for 1Life policyholders

The legal assistance benefit is available at no cost to successful applicants. There are a number of free services, as well as services that are discounted for 1Life policyholders.

Free services for 1Life clients

  • Access to 24-hour legal advice on family, civil, criminal and labour matters such as a divorce or claim for damages, and matters such as bail
  • Access to LAW FOR ALL’s legal library of standard legal agreements such as a cohabitation agreement, offer to purchase a house and a living will
  • Wills and Estate Benefit that includes drafting and amending a will for you and your spouse, assistance with winding up your estate and legal advice for your next of kin for up to 12 months after your passing

Discounted services for 1Life clients

  • Lawyer Referral Benefit - if LAW FOR ALL is unable to resolve your problem through mediation, they will refer you to an attorney at a discounted rate
  • Up to 35% discount on bond and registration fees if LAW FOR ALL appoints the attorney to transfer and register your bond for a home you purchase 

Access the legal assistance benefit

As a 1Life policyholder you can access the services offered above. Simply visit the apply section on the Truth About Money website and fill in your details on the form. A legal expert will then contact you.

Insurance and more!

We know insurance is about taking care of financial matters when there’s a crisis or death. But there are other times in life when you need extra support and assistance. 1Life’s new legal assistance benefit gives you a legal eye when you need it so that you can resolve your legal problem quickly without incurring an expensive bill!

Truth About Money

Truth About Money is a 1Life initiative that helps South Africans take control of their finances and make informed decisions that will change their lives. Truth About Money offers a financial education course, debt management services, and a new legal assistance benefit.

You can find more details on Truth About Money.


LAW FOR ALL offers legal advice and services and legal insurance. They work to make legal advice affordable and accessible to all South Africans. “Our legal professionals are top legal minds who are caring and protective,” Advocate Jackie Nagtegaal says. “We go above and beyond to explain complicated legalese in intimidating contracts and any issue that involves a court in simple, understandable language.”

You can find out more on LAW FOR ALL.

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