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Is your policy ready for the holidays?

8 November 2021
1 minute read

You’re packing up at work and unpacking your beach towel – you’re ready for the holidays! Before you sign off, take a few moments to review your 1Life insurance policy.

1. Do a quick policy review

It’s a good time to make doubly sure everything on your policy is up to date. Check:

  • Cover amounts so you know you have enough insurance
  • Beneficiary contact details on your life policy
  • Member and beneficiary contact details on your funeral policy

If you need to update any of these, you can use our online policyholder portal or chat to us on WhatsApp.

2. Talk to us if you cannot afford your premiums

If you are struggling to pay your premiums, talk to your financial adviser or one of our skilled 1Life consultants.

Top tip: You can also find some ideas here on what to do when insurance becomes unaffordable.

3. Make sure your family knows where your policy and other important documents are kept

If your family needs to claim, knowing where your policy and other documents are kept will ensure the claims process is quick and efficient. At the end of November, or early in December, have a quick family chat and make sure they know:

  • What insurance policies you have and where the policy documents are kept
  • How to claim on each policy
  • Where your ID document is
  • Where your will is, who the executor is and how they can be contacted

Top tip: Share this beneficiary instruction sheet with your family for hassle-free claims.

4. Be mindful of end-of-year risks

The risk of accidents can be higher in December, so drive safely, don’t drink and drive, and consume alcohol in moderation. And be sure to follow COVID-19 protocols – even if you are vaccinated! Wear a mask and keep your distance, especially indoors and in close crowds.

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