Woman on bed with daughter reading book

A love of reading will stand your child in good stead for the rest of their lives. Here’s how to get them started.

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When today’s children enter the workforce, it will look nothing like it looks today. Prepare them for a future we don’t yet fully understand.

children sitting at a desk

With private schools now offering affordable education – in some cases even cheaper than government schools – you need not worry about your child’s future.

child with glasses holding school books

Homework helps your child to bed down what they are learning in school, and apply their learnings. You play a vital role in helping them to do their homework right.

Little school boy showing off muscles

Good parent-teacher communication makes for a good relationship – and your child benefits

boy standing with paper plane

Babies are programmed to learn, but there are some crucial (and fun and easy!) ways that parents can support the process


Some primary schools have dropped the practice of giving homework. What does that mean for academic achievement and for parental involvement?

artisanship vs degree

Is a university degree the only way to go after school? Discover the many advantages of learning a trade.

home schooling children

Can you save money by home-schooling your children? Stacey Vee investigates for us.

help children excel academically

We asked an educational expert what you can do to develop your child’s potential from when they start school. Her answer might surprise you