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Save a little bit extra this month with these great tips

Posted  June 14, 2012

Is the monthly battle of the budget getting you down? Need to cut costs in a hurry? Here are our Top 10 money saving tips. Give it a go - you will be surprised how easy it is to reduce your monthly expenses. And remember, penny wise, pound rich.

Interest rates Speak to your bank and negotiate better interest rates on your credit card debt, bond etc. If your payment history is good they might reduce your rates.

Gym membership Cancel your gym membership. There are many ways to exercise outside of the gym, from jogging and speed walking to working out on an exercise bike at home.

FoodStop buying junk food, eat out only on special occasions and take lunch to work every day. You will save a small fortune.

Magazine Subscriptions Getting real value from your monthly glossies? Think you could live without them? Consider cancelling your magazine subscriptions.

Electricity Get online and research ways to reduce your monthly electricity bill. Simple things like unplugging appliances when you are not using them, getting a geyser blanket for your geyser and switching off lights when they are not needed can make a huge difference.

Satellite TV Do yourself and your family a favour and cancel your satellite TV subscription. You can live without it, I promise.

House and home Could you see yourself living in a smaller house? Not only will you save on your bond but on rates and taxes and electricity a well.

Insurance policies Are you getting the best possible deal on your short-term, health and life insurance policies? Shop around for more competitive quotes.

Bulk buy Buy as much as you can in bulk. It is cheaper and it means fewer visits to the shops, which means less petrol and less impulse buying. Dream Set financial goals for you and your family. Having goals will motivate you and make saving easier and hopefully a lot more fun.

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