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Funeral cover for the family

29 November 2022
2 minute read

We go to great lengths to ensure that the people we care about are well taken care of. One way to do this is with funeral cover for family.

Funerals can cost between R12 000 and R50 000 in South Africa*. Typical expenses include burial grounds and caskets or cremation, as well as catering, flowers, transportation, and more. Funeral cover is a type of insurance where you pay a monthly premium and receive a lump sum payment in the event that you (or a member of your family) pass away. The money received from the claim can be put toward paying for funeral costs.

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Investing in affordable funeral cover for extended family ensures that when it's time to say goodbye, your family won't need to incur debt to give you or a policy member a respectable send-off.

Why get a number of family funeral cover quotes?

The most obvious reason to consider getting family funeral cover is to give yourself and your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re prepared in the event that you, or a member on your funeral policy, dies. Funeral cover payouts can be used to buy meat, groceries, and to arrange transportation for loved ones and funeral guests.

Comparing a range of funeral quotes for family online or via a call centre gives you the opportunity to review the terms and conditions as well as the benefits of different policies. Understanding what’s available enables you to decide which one serves your family’s needs best. There are many things to consider when you take out a funeral policy for your family, including:

  • Monthly policy premiums
  • How much are adults covered for?
  • What is the cover amount for kids?
  • Does the policy come with additional benefits, such as meat, groceries, or transportation?
  • Are there any waiting periods

You can obtain funeral cover quotes for family by visiting aggregators, insurers’ websites, or calling them. In some cases you can even purchase your funeral cover online.

Can I take out a funeral plan for my parents or other elderly extended family members?

Yes, you can take out a funeral policy for older extended family members or a funeral plan for your parents if they are younger than the maximum age stipulated by the insurer in the policy terms.

Who can I include on my family funeral policy?

If your family does not have funeral insurance, you can purchase it on their behalf. Speak to your insurer about who you can include on your policy, for example parents, siblings, spouses and children as well as extended family members.

How long will it take for my funeral cover claim to be paid out?

Funeral cover claims process and pay-outs are usually reasonably quick. Most funeral cover providers pay within 48 hours. This financial cushion helps you pay for immediate funeral costs while the estate is being settled, saving your family from having to take on a large funeral debt.

1Life Funeral Cover

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*Average Funeral Costs in South Africa 2022 | Rateweb

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