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Who qualifies as an extended family member on a funeral policy?

8 March 2022
3 minute read
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It’s great to be able to cover your family on your funeral policy! You will ensure your loved ones have a dignified funeral, without any financial stress. But there are clear definitions of who qualifies as a family member and an extended family member on a 1Life Funeral Cover policy. Have a look through these definitions and check your policy to make sure that all the members covered meet the criteria.

Top tip: All the members covered on your policy are listed on your policy schedule, which you can view online on our policyholder servicing portal, or download from our WhatsApp service centre.

Who is covered on a 1Life Funeral Cover policy?

1Life Funeral Cover policies cover the principal member (also known as the main member) and up to 16 additional members.

The principal member, who must be 18 years or older, is the person who takes out the cover and is responsible for paying the premiums. They can take a maximum cover of R50 000. The principal member must have an insurable interest in the lives of additional members, who should all have a relationship to the principal member, and are either:

  • Spouses
  • Children
  • Extended family members


Who qualifies as a spouse?
A spouse is the person you are married to under South African law as well as a spouse or partner recognised by:

  • Civil unions
  • Customary marriages in accordance with indigenous law
  • Unions in accordance with recognised religion or traditional doctrines

Your common law partner may also be a spouse, if this is a permanent relationship.

How many spouses can be covered?
Up to 2 spouses may be covered as spouse members. Additional spouses can be covered as extended family members.

How much cover does a spouse qualify for?
A maximum of R50 000.


Who qualifies as a child member?
Biological, adopted and stepchildren of the principal member all qualify for cover as child members. A child is considered adopted by:

  • South African law
  • Customary adoptions under traditions practised in the country (both parents of the adopted child must be deceased)
  • A religion practised in the country

In addition, child members must be dependent on the principal member and either:

  • Under the age of 21
  • Unmarried, full-time students at an approved higher education institution, aged 21 to 25
  • Children of any age who have a mental of physical disability

A spouse’s children under the age of 21 may also be covered.

How many children can be covered?
Up to 5 children may be covered as a child member.

How much cover does a child member qualify for?
Children aged 0 to 5: Maximum cover of R10 000

Children aged 6 to 13: Maximum cover of R15 000

Children over age 14: Maximum cover of R50 000

Top tip: Review your policy once a year to ensure that all your children are covered for an appropriate amount.

Extended family members

Who qualifies as an extended family member?
Extended family members have a relationship to the principal member and can be the principal member’s:

  • Parents and parents in law
  • Aunts (sister of a parent of the principal member)
  • Uncles (brother of a parent of the principal member)
  • Cousins (dependent child of the principal member’s aunt or uncle)

If you are unclear if your extended family members qualify for cover, please check with your financial adviser or one of our skilled 1Life consultants.

How many extended family members can be covered?
Up to 9 extended family members may be covered. 

How much cover does an extended family member qualify for?
A maximum cover of R50 000.

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Insurance policies are legal contracts, which can mean the words and terms used can have a different meaning to how we use them in everyday life. Checking your policy to make sure family and extended family members meet these definitions can help you avoid rejected or reduced claims.

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