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These organisations help consumers fight for their rights

Posted  March 13, 2018

Wondering who to contact when your complaint isn’t resolved or your claim hasn’t been paid? An Ombud could be your best option if you want to avoid an expensive day in court. 

What do you do when you have a complaint against a service provider or seller, you feel you’ve been unfairly treated, and you’re not able to resolve the problem? You may be able to turn to the Ombud’s office. Ombuds offer an alternative resolution process to legal proceedings.

If your service provider isn’t responding to your complaint, contact the Ombud.

There are quite a few Ombuds in South Africa, operating in different sectors and industries. Below we’ve got the details and contact details for the most used, so you know where to complain about what. Where an industry doesn’t have an Ombud, for example medical aids, we’ve included details for the council or consumer offices that deal with complaints.

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Banking and financial services

Credit Ombud
Contact them when: You have a dispute with a credit provider or have been negatively affected by credit bureau information (for example blacklisted).

If your service provider isn’t responding to your complaint, contact the Ombud.

0861 662 837

FAIS Ombud
Contact them when: You have a complaint about your financial services provider (FAIS is short for the Financial Advisors and Intermediary Act). Examples include when you are sold a financial product that is not suitable for you, your financial advisor doesn’t give you all the information on your insurance or investment, or you are unhappy with the returns on your investment.
012 470 9080 / 012 762 5000

National Credit Regulator
Contact them when: You have a debt counselling complaint.
0860 627 627

Ombudsman for Banking Services
Contact them when: You have a complaint against your bank including maladministration, transaction errors, negligence, breach of contract and fraud. Individuals and business with an annual turnover of less than R10 million can approach the Ombudsman.
0860 800 900

Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance
Contact them when: You have a complaint against your long-term insurance provider that has not been resolved including claims, poor service, paid-up and maturity values, and lapses. This includes funeral policies and annuities.
0860 103 236

Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance
Contact them when: You are not satisfied with your short-term insurer and insurance policy. You may be unhappy with a claim, an excess, or repairs that have been completed on a damaged car or home.
0860 726 890

Pension Fund adjudicator
Contact them when: You have a problem with your pension fund, such as beneficiary payments, administration of your fund, how the pension fund is run, how the money is invested or the rules of the pension fund.
012 346 1738 / 012 748 4000

The Tax Ombud
Contact them when: You have a service, procedure or administrative dispute with South African Revenue Service (SARS), for example slow payment of refunds. The findings of the Tax Ombud are recommendations only.
0800 662 837

Health and medical

Council for Medical Schemes
Contact them when: You have a complaint against your medical aid. This could be anything from claims not paid, to prescribed minimum benefits, co-payments or waiting periods.
0861 237 267

Health Professionals Council of South Africa Health Ombudsman
Contact them when: You have a complaint against a health practitioner, such as a doctor or nurse.
012 338 9000

Consumer, retail and general

Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS)
Contact them when: You have a problem in your sectional title, apartment, townhouse (noisy neighbours for example), or any arrangement where you share the use and responsibility for parts of land and buildings. If you live in a community scheme you pay a levy towards this Ombuds’ services.
010 593 0533

Consumer Goods and Services Ombud (CGSO)
Contact them when: You have a complaint against any supplier in the consumer goods and services industry and supply chain, for example a product you bought has a defect or was not delivered in reasonable time. The CGSO is the ombud set up in line with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).
0860 00 272

Motor Industry Ombudsman
Contact them when: You have a complaint about the motor industry, such as a sales or warranty agreement or service and repair. Any technical inspection may be for your own cost.
0861 1 64672

National Consumer Commission (NCC)
Contact them when: You have a complaint about a money-making scheme such as a pyramid scheme, work from home scheme, or retirement village. The NCC works hand in hand with the CGSO and will deal with complaints about consumer goods and services that require a tribunal.
012 428 7000

South African Fraud Prevention Services
Contact them when: Your identity has been stolen, or you have been impersonated.
0860 101 248

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