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5 June 2024
4 minute read
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It happens! One day, you are happy with your 1Life Insurance policy, but the next you are unhappy with a claims decision or have a service issue! When you need to make a formal complaint or dispute a decision, our formal complaints procedure is the path you need to follow to ensure your query is resolved fairly, either by 1Life Insurance or, if necessary, an independent Ombud. And, when you are happy with your policy and our service, let us know, so we can continue changing your life!

Formal complaints procedure ensures fairness

As a licensed insurer that offers insurance products that change our customers’ lives for the better, 1Life Insurance has set up a formal procedure to deal with complaints. The complaints procedure ensures that all complaints are dealt with formally and in a fair and equitable manner. Having a formal complaints procedure is also in accordance with the six Treating Customers Fairly principles, set out by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Treating Customers Fairly requires all insurance companies to put their customers first, offer suitable policies that meet their needs, and deal with customer concerns timeously.

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1Life Insurance formal complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about your 1Life Insurance policy you should:

Tell 1Life Insurance what your complaint is

Always let your insurance company know that you have a complaint as soon as possible, and what it is, so it can be reviewed and resolved. If you approach an industry body, such as an ombud, with a complaint, without first contacting your insurer, they will refer the matter back to the insurance company so that they can investigate!

We review all complaints received and aim to come back to you as soon as possible, after thoroughly investigating the complaint.

1Life Insurance has a resolutions officer who you can contact on 0860 10 54 31 or email on [email protected] to submit your complaint. To escalate a complaint email it to  [email protected] for review by a resolutions manager.

Refer the matter to an Ombud if you are not satisfied

If you are not satisfied with our response, you can complain to an ombud. Ombuds are independent offices set up to ensure consumers’ complaints, such as a complaint about an insurance policy, can be dealt with fairly, at no cost to customers. Ombuds also follow formal procedures, and will only deal with complaints already reviewed by the insurance company or financial services provider in question. Always remember to stick to the facts when you complain, have backup copies of documentation, as well as all your personal details such as policy number and ID number. Most insurers abide by the Ombuds’ decisions, whether they rule in favour of the insurance company or the policyholder.

South Africa has several Ombuds, the two relevant Ombuds for insurance policyholders are the National Financial Ombud and the FAIS Ombud.

National Financial Ombud Scheme South Africa

Contact the National Financial Ombud for any complaint not resolved by your insurer relating specifically to your insurance policy, such as if a claim is declined and you think it should be paid, or you think the terms and conditions of your policy are confusing and/or unreasonable.

The formal complaints procedure is detailed on the Ombud’s website, and involves submitting a complaint online and uploading supporting documents such as correspondence from your insurance company and a copy of your policy. You can also call the Ombud to submit a complaint. The Ombud will review the complaint and let you know of any further information required, and when their decision is made. You can track your complaint online, so you know when a decision is likely to be made, although some cases can take months to resolve. Make sure to read the FAQs and ask the Ombud if you need help submitting a complaint.

Contact details

Telephone: 0860 800 900
Email: [email protected]

FAIS Ombud

The FAIS Ombud is the Ombud for financial services providers, such as financial advisers and financial planners, as well as financial service institutions who offer financial advice services to customers. The FAIS Ombud deals with financial advice complaints, such as where a policyholder was sold a product they didn’t need, or one that didn’t meet their needs, for example being sold a funeral cover policy when the need was for a life insurance policy. The complaints procedure is detailed on their website, and complaints have to be made in writing.

Contact details

Telephone: 086 066 3274
Email: [email protected]

Let us know if we are doing well

You can let your favourite insurance company know that they are doing well by giving them a good review online, such as on Hellopeter or on their Google Business listing review. And, why not drop us a compliment on [email protected]? Let us know how we can, and do, live up to our commitment to changing lives for the better!

Quick and fair resolution

We aim to resolve any complaints quickly and fairly. Complaints from our policyholders also offer valuable feedback that we use to improve our products and services. Talk to us today and let us know how we can help resolve your dispute, and how we can change your life.

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