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Buy funeral cover online?

29 November 2022
6 minute read
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Losing a loved one is hard enough. Having to contend with the stresses and financial burden of arranging a final goodbye that’s fitting at a price you can afford is a luxury that only a third of South Africans can enjoy. That privilege is, however, available to both the financially free and also ordinary people like you and me who diligently set aside a monthly premium towards their final wishes. In this post, we’ll show you why and how to buy funeral cover online.

Are you ready to find out how to buy funeral cover online? It’s actually really simple. Start the process by requesting a quote. You’ll be asked to complete a short, simple form, and receive a quote or a call-back from a friendly call centre consultant.

Get 40% discount on your monthly funeral cover premiums if you buy online.

But why do you need to buy funeral cover, and what is the right policy for your needs? Keep on reading as we discuss the questions to ask of yourself and potential funeral insurers.

Why you should buy funeral cover online

These days, we do everything on our smart devices, so it only makes sense that we’d turn to the world wide web when it’s time to buy funeral cover online. One thing about technology is that it really makes (almost) everything faster and easier, including the process of getting a quote and buying funeral cover online.

Buying funeral cover online means that you can easily compare several companies from the comfort of your own home. It is convenient. There’s no pressure, and you can review your options in real time. Reviews from clients on social media and sites like Hello Peter give you an opportunity to compare multiple companies and policies online and even obtain discounts in some cases if you decide to buy online.

For an affordable monthly premium, you can cover yourself and up to twenty one family members under a single policy. Most funeral policies pay out in forty-eight hours after qualifying claims are processed, providing much-needed funds when you need them most. This provides incredible peace of mind when a family is overwhelmed by the death of a loved one.

What should you consider when you buy funeral cover online?

When you decide to buy funeral cover online, it is important to consider a number of aspects, including:

  1. The policy you need
    Online funeral cover options range from basic packages with small pay-outs, to policies that include a range of additional benefits.
  2. The number of people you want to include
    You could opt for a funeral cover policy for you alone, or you could cover yourself, your spouse, up to four children, and ten extended family members - grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, sisters, and brothers-and sisters-in-law - for up to R50,000 each on a single policy for one monthly premium.
  3. How much you can afford
    Affordability is a major deciding factor when it comes to buying funeral cover. But with funeral costs at an all-time-high—not to mention inflation—can you afford not to buy a funeral policy? The general rule of thumb for deciding how to budget when you buy a funeral plan online is to draw up a budget for a funeral and use that budget as your guide. However, if you don’t know how much funerals cost and how much you can afford, you should speak to a financial adviser. Conducting a financial needs analysis is a great starting point when deciding how much online funeral cover you need based on your current circumstances and your goals.
  4. The optional benefits you want to include—
    When you buy funeral cover, you can customise your policy to include the benefits you need most, when the time comes. Extras to consider adding to your funeral cover policy include:
    • A grocery benefit will give you a cash pay-out or discount coupons towards catering for funeral guests.
    • A meat benefit will also assist with funeral catering. Inflation has caused the cost of meat to skyrocket, but a meat benefit eases the burden while allowing for a respectable send-off.
    • A transport benefit will assist with funeral-related transport costs, including repatriation of remains of any family members on the funeral cover policy and transporting guests or family for the funeral.

In addition, sometimes when you buy a funeral plan online, some policies offer cash backs and premium waivers. A cash back is usually paid out to a policyholder after a certain claim-free period. Premium waivers usually mean that once the policyholder dies, the other members on the policy will remain covered for the term of the waiver without having to pay any premiums for a set time period.

Now that you know what to look for in a policy, it’s time to find the perfect policy for your needs. Are you ready to buy funeral cover online? Don’t hesitate any longer. Buy comprehensive cover online from 1Life and save 40% on your monthly funeral policy premiums.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of 1Life Insurance or its employees.

We answer your questions about our products and services! 

How do I start the process of buying funeral cover online?

Online application for funeral cover couldn’t be easier than with 1Life Insurance. Simply follow these simple steps to get your online funeral cover quote and buy your cover:

Step 1: Access 1Life’s site.
Access 1Life’s site from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop .

Step 2: Get your quote.
Get your quote. Input details including name, gender, date of birth, phone number, email, gross monthly income, and desired cover amount. Use the slider to change your cover amount to adjust the premium to your needs. Remember that even a small amount of cover will go a long way towards relieving the financial burden of a funeral. You can also increase your cover amounts at any stage.

Step 3: Add family members.
Add family members. You can add up to 16 family members on one funeral policy. You can include spouses, children, parents plus extended family members, ensuring protection for all your loved ones.

Step 4: Get a final quote.
Once you have added your family members you will get a final quote and can proceed to buy.

Step 5: Complete the buy process
To complete the buy process you will need your ID number, information on any funeral policies you or any family members cancelled in the last 30 days (optional), your address, beneficiaries and finally payment details.

Step 6: Read & understand the policy
Carefully read the policy summary supplied at the end of the process and double check all the details, including the family members added to the policy. Take note of the deduction date for your first premium.

Top tip: You can manage beneficiaries on your policy including adding new beneficiaries and deleting beneficiaries on the online policyholder portal. Remember to talk to your beneficiary about how you would like to be buried and what type of funeral you would like to have, in line with your policy pay-out.

What advantages come with buying funeral cover online?

With 1Life Insurance, buying funeral cover online offers numerous advantages. Experience the convenience of buying funeral cover anytime and anywhere using 1Life’s user-friendly online buy process, which is accessible 24/7. You can obtain a quote in just 3 minutes, and complete your purchase within 10 minutes. You will also save 40% on your premiums when you buy online from SA’s #1 Direct Life Insurer*.

How quickly can a funeral cover policy payout after a claim is processed?

Qualifying claims can be approved in as little as 5 minutes, and claims paid out within 24 hours, only if all the correct documents are received.

Is there a specific budget recommendation when buying funeral cover online?

No. What is important is understanding your cover needs. Choose a cover amount that reflects the true cost of a funeral, considering factors such as inflation and changing family needs. Don't settle for a policy with insufficient cover to save on premiums, as this choice could leave your family financially vulnerable.

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