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What makes 1Life Wills and Estate Plan so smart?

13 September 2023
2 minute read

The events of the last few years have painfully underscored the importance of having a properly drafted Will in place. A lot of people avoid doing their Will because they believe the process is complex and expensive.

The good news is technology has changed all of that.

Online solutions like 1Life Wills and Estate Plan allow you to create your Will from the comfort of your own home and with the help of your financial adviser. You don’t need to take time off for appointments to have the Will drawn up, and it is both quick and affordable. Because it is online, you can access and update your information whenever you want to.

Can technology manage the complexity where a Will needs to be customised?

Most Wills have some complexity - and so the question is: Can online solutions cater for the additional clauses that reflect your personal circumstances?

For example:

  • How do you make allowances for special bequests or instructions for items of value?
  • What happens in the case of simultaneous death and the provision of a testamentary trust to protect vulnerable children?

The most important consideration is to make sure your Will is enforceable. There are very specific legal requirements when writing and signing a Will.

1Life offers you a cutting-edge fiduciary online solution and the ability to customise your Will to your specific circumstances.

The 1Life Will and Estate Plan is a comprehensive online solution that was built together with top Fiduciary lawyers to make sure, you and your financial adviser can create your Will quickly, and professionally with the necessary flexibility built in for you to customise according to your needs. The system has built-in controls that account for all legal requirements.

The system is easy to use, affordable, personalised and accessible 24/7. Once you register, the online process makes it quick and painless to complete your Will and your financial adviser and our fiduciary experts will be with you all the way. Everything is saved in the cloud. You can work through the questions yourself and if at any time you need expert advice and guidance, it is available online, telephonically, or through a live meeting.

The system gathers the necessary information to execute your estate plan faster. We act as your executor to streamline the finalisation of your estate.

We also help you with estate planning through our built-in calculators that provide you with the potential costs of winding up your estate and we identify gaps in your estate planning and suggest solutions.

So, if you need a Will contact your financial adviser or read more here.

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