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Your top 15 policyholder questions answered

Posted  December 11, 2018

We’ve got the answers to the most frequently asked insurance questions from how to increase cover to how to claim on a policy.

Here are answers to 15 of our policyholders’ most frequently asked questions, including answers on new policies, policy management and claims. 

New policies
1. I have not yet received my policy documents. What can I do?
Contact our client services department on 0860 10 51 94 or e-mail us on clientservices@1life.co.za. You can also send us a contact request from the Contact page on our website. We prefer to e-mail policy documents so have your e-mail address ready, but we can also deliver your documents to a postal address.

2. I haven’t done my HIV test for my life cover policy. What must I do?
If you have not taken an HIV test within three months of the date the policy commences, the cover will change to accidental cover only.

This means that in the unfortunate event of your passing away as a result of any type of accident, from falling down steps to being in a car crash, you will be covered, however should you die from natural causes like TB or cancer your claim will be rejected.

If you have not taken the test in time, call us on 0860 67 06 70 to discuss your options.

Manage your policy
3. Where can I get a tax certificate for my policy?
1Life does not issue tax certificates. This is because premiums paid are not tax deductible and any money you receive from a claim is not taxable, so you don’t need a tax certificate.

4. How do I update my policy details?
Contact our client services department on 0860 10 51 94 or e-mail us on clientservices@1life.co.za and we will assist you.

Life cover policyholders can make use of the 1Life USSD Policy Management Service to:

  • View policy information, for example your sum assured, bank details, beneficiary information and premium deduction date.
  • Edit your policy beneficiaries, smoker status and contact details (e-mail address, contact number and address)
  • Request a call from our client services team
  • Request a quote
  • Refer a friend to 1Life
  • Locate a pharmacy, should you wish to do your HIV test via saliva swab
  • If you have been a policyholder for 3 years, you can also use the service to possibly increase your cover by up to 25% without any medical underwriting

Simply dial *120*101# from your phone, press the dial button and then follow the menu prompts. You will need to have your policy number or ID number on hand to login.

Remember that you have 30 seconds to respond to menu prompts before you are logged out of the service. Dial *120*101# to login again.

5. How do I add or update beneficiaries on my life insurance policy?
In the event of your death, your sum assured will be paid to your nominated beneficiary or beneficiaries. Please ensure that we have his or her most up to date contact details. In addition, if you are recently divorced or remarried please amend your beneficiary detail to ensure that the right people will be taken care of.

Contact our client services department on 0860 10 51 94 or e-mail us on clientservices@1life.co.za with the details of your new beneficiaries. You can also edit your policy beneficiaries using the 1Life USSD service – see question 4, above.

6. What lifestyle changes do I need to tell you about for my life, dread or disability cover policy?
If your lifestyle changes, for example you take up smoking, your risk profile will change and this may affect your benefits, cover and premium. To keep your cover in place, you must tell us if:

  • You start smoking
  • You change jobs
  • You take up a dangerous hobby (skydiving for example)
  • You leave South Africa or will be out of the country for more than 14 days

7. How do I increase my cover?
Contact our client services department on 0860 10 51 94 or e-mail us on clientservices@1life.co.za for assistance. You will need your policy details and ID number.

Life cover, dread and disability insurance: 1Life’s guaranteed assurability benefit means you can increase cover on your policy anniversary or if a major life event happens (having a child for example) without taking an HIV test or medical examination and up to a certain amount.

Funeral cover: You can add children, a spouse and extended family members to your existing 1Life funeral policy.

8. When will my premiums increase?
Life cover, dread and disability insurance: Premiums increase every year from the third anniversary of the policy. Premiums may also increase if you increase your cover, or if your risk profile changes, for example if you start smoking.

Funeral cover: Premiums increase if you increase the cover and/or add additional lives to the policy.

Details of premium increases can be found in your policy schedule.

Know your policy…
9. Who gets the money I pay every month?
The money you pay every month is used to pay policyholders who claim against their policies. When you claim you can rest assured that funds will be available to cover your or your family’s claim.

Cancelling a policy
10. If I cancel my policy, do I get my premiums back?
No. Risk products like life insurance and funeral cover do not return premiums paid if they are cancelled unless they are in the cooling off period (30 days from the date of commencement). Risk products are intended to protect you and your family against illness or death and to cover expenses such as funerals.

11. Can I reinstate my policy?
Yes, if your policy was cancelled less than 12 months ago. If it was cancelled more than 12 months ago, a new policy needs to be taken out. 2018 was a tough year for many South Africans but thousands of 1Life policy holders decided to keep their cover during this time and thousands who couldn’t later decided to reinstate their cover. Contact our client services department on 0860 10 51 94 or e-mail us on clientservices@1life.co.za.

12. How do I, or my family, claim against my policy?
Call our claims department who will guide you through the process and let you know what forms you need to complete.

Life, disability, dread disease claims: 0860 10 51 96
Funeral policy claims: 0860 10 59 79

13. How long does it take to pay a claim?
Life cover Pay Now benefit: We aim to pay the life cover Pay Now funeral benefit in 24 hours*.

Dread and disability insurance claims; Timelines will vary, depending on the investigations and validations required.

Funeral cover: Claims are paid in 24 hours* if we have the correct documentation.

14. How can I ensure there are no problems with claims?
Pay your premiums, keep your policy up to date and if you own a life cover policy make sure your beneficiaries know where to find your policy documents and details. It is also very important to disclose everything when you take out your policy, for example your full medical history and any medications you are taking.

Policy maturity dates and retirement
15. What is the maturity date of my policy?
Long-term insurance policies don’t have maturity dates. They end when there is no longer any risk that can be insured or the benefits have been paid in full. Cover will also cease if premiums are not paid.

Policy type Policy term Policy ends when...
Life cover Whole of life A claim is paid on the death of the life assured
Dread disease Whole of life The claim is paid on the life assured unless a second life takes over the policy and becomes the principal member

Disability and 
expense protector

The earlier of
retirement or age 65

The sum assured has been claimed, or on retirement or age 65 – whichever age is earlier
Funeral Whole of life The claim is paid on the life assured unless a second life takes over the policy and becomes the principal member

*Terms and conditions apply.

Original article published on: 7th November 2017
Updated on: 11th December 2018

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