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Taking charge of your financial future has become even easier with new Truth About Money, free, online courses

1 September 2023
2 minute read

1Life’s Truth About Money, an initiative by 1Life Insurance, which provides accessible financial education, has yet again launched a series of free online courses to help cash-strapped consumers navigate the harsh economic climate. 

In a country that has seen a series of increases across the interest rates, fuel, and food prices; placing consumers under challenging economic pressures – people are desperate for financial relief, and 1Life Insurance believes that this starts with having the right education to navigate personal finances.

Money is such a tricky subject to explore. For many of us, we feel we have too little, need help, have too much debt, and often don’t know what the right decisions are to make with our money. Moreover, the topic of money is so vast that people often don’t know where to start.

While not the sole determinant of happiness and fulfillment, money, when managed correctly, can certainly provide opportunities, more freedom, and flexibility. Everyone needs help with their money and their understanding of it. It’s not just about paying your bills and having extra money each month, but rather knowing how to obtain financial freedom.

“The Truth About Money online learning platform focuses on just this. It provides people, no matter their age or circumstances, with the right tools to help them tackle their financial challenges or questions,” says Hayley Parry, Money Coach and Facilitator at 1Life’s Truth About Money. “We have recently launched four new short courses, which are 30 minutes each, and are undertaken online, for free, which we believe will help with how people take control of their money.”

“We have the Generational Wealth course, which teaches individuals how to use what they have today to build wealth for their families. The Mad Money Skillz course is aimed at tweens and teens and gives a solid grounding in money management to help them as they grow up. Then, we also have the Cash Crunch course, for cash-strapped South Africans, who want to make their money go further, and lastly, we have the new Dumping Debt course, which helps people to get rid of and avoid debt.”

“All these courses are short and to the point and give information that is well suited to each audience – but, more importantly, they provide information on how they can make decisions today that can help change their life, one step at a time,” adds Parry. “We want to help reach all ages with the right information at the right time, and we believe these four new short courses will do just that.”

“Money can be a valuable tool when managed correctly and aligned with your needs. However, the path to financial freedom is not always obvious, as unfortunately there is still a knowledge gap around how financial services and products work - and more importantly, how these products can work for a person. The Truth About Money platform was developed to help people become more financially literate and provide them with a head start in unleashing their path to financial freedom,” says Anton Keet, Head of Risk Services at 1Life. “We believe this can only be achieved by providing people with the right knowledge, tools and approach that accompanies sound money management.”

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