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The A-Z of tea

26 May 2016
3 minute read

the a to z of tea

From Rooibos to Earl Grey, Chamomile to Green the world of tea is so infinite that you could drink a different type of tea every single day of the year for close to 10 years. Enjoyed hot or cold, this is perhaps one of the most diverse drinks on planet earth, it’s also the most consumed drink globally after water. So what’s all the hype about? We unpack the health benefits of these leaves that are loved so much.

AntioxidantsThere’s no doubt that this is tea’s most famous benefit. And rightfully so because these bad boys can either prevent or delay cell damage.

BonesThis may seem strange but Japanese researchers suggest that tea may help prevent the loss of bone density. They do admit that a colossal amount would have to be consumed in order to achieve this.

ChamomileIf you’ve got an irritable bowel then drinking a cup of this soothing tea could help reduce bloating and cramping. If you’re struggling to sleep then it’s also a solution for peaceful nights.

DiseaseWhen it comes to its healing properties, it’s incredible to see how many diseases tea can help to combat. TIME magazine reports that drinking tea, can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

EyesDeemed to be the windows to our souls, there’s nothing worse than puffy, tired looking eyes. Dipping teabags into water, and then cooling them off before using them as compressors, will help reduce swelling.

Free of caloriesIf you don’t add anything to it, tea can be absolutely ‘calorie-less’ which is an absolute bonus for all the weight watchers out there.

HeartStudies have shown that those who drink two to three cups of green tea a day, have a 20% lower risk of getting heart attack.

Immune SystemIt has been reported that drinking tea can help boost the immune system.

JasmineThis tea was first spoken of in 13th Century A.D and was at that time usually consumed by royalty.

Keep it coolIf drinking hot beverages isn’t your thing, then enjoying a glass of iced tea is your next best option. Add some fruit and mint leaves to your jug of already made tea and enjoy.

Low cholesterolTea has proven to be able to lower cholesterol, so tea up and see if it makes a difference.

MetabolismIf your metabolism needs a bit of a kick, maybe trying some tea could help. Studies have shown that consuming green tea can slightly boost it.

Native AsiaThe origins of tea go back over 4000 years. The Chinese first used it as a medicinal drink.

Older womenResearch shows that older women who consume tea, decrease their chances of getting rheumatoid arthritis by at least 60%.

PolyphenolsThese micronutrients are found in green tea and reports that they could possibly regulate the parts of the brain that deal with memory and learning.

QualityThe true quality of a cup of tea lies in its leaves, the water used, the temperature consumed and the mood when drinking.

RooibosThis Proudly South African tea is one of our finest products and originates from the Cederberg region in the Western Cape. Its world-renowned taste will leave not only leave you yearning for more, but also reduce inflammation in the body amongst other things.

SmileBelieve it or not, tea is actually good for your teeth. It contains tannins and fluoride that helps teeth reduce the build-up of plaque and the rotting of teeth.

TasseographyThis is the art of reading tea leaves.

UV Rays
It’s been reported that drinking green tea, may act as a backup sunscreen. Although this by no means encourages people not to use sunscreen, it’s suggested that drinking tea can help protect the skin.

Very expensiveBack in the day, tea used to be quite costly so it was kept in a cupboard locked with a key that was exclusively guarded by the lady of the house.

WaterIn order to make the perfect cup of tea, you have to use fresh water in order to achieve optimum taste, as opposed to previously boiled water.

Xinyang Maojian
This green tea is one of China’s top 10 teas (it’s been reported that there are more than 1000!) and is usually consumed when it’s hot as a way to refresh. Yorkshire tea – when it comes to tea brands that have been around forever, this English blend comes in at number four.

ZhejiangIs a province in China that is home to the country’s most famous tea of all time Xi Hu Longjing.
So you see, there are many reasons why tea is more than just that thing you drink when there’s no coffee. It’s a cultural experience and something worth trying. With a history that spans over 4000 years, it’s worth a try right? We definitely think so.

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