save money with DIY

Save money with DIY home repairs

Posted  December 9, 2015

For many of us, December is a time for doing those household chores and repairs that have been neglected and accumulating from the other eleven months of the year. Unfortunately, we are not all born handymen or handywomen, and many of us struggle to do anything more complicated than change a plug. But the internet is a great place for learning just about anything, and there are useful YouTube DIY tutorials to get you through even the most difficult of household projects.

We’ve listed some helpful ‘how to’ videos that tackle the top 6 DIY challenges most South Africans face – so before you call in an electrician, plumber or handyman, check these out to see if you can “do it yourself”, and save a packet of money.

Unblock a drain/sink If you have a blocked or slow-flowing drain, try this method to unblock it yourself. Tom McLean, YouTube handyman, also answers questions in the comment section.

And here the “Ultimate Handyman” explains how to unblock a blocked sink:

Replace the washer in a dripping tapThis is particularly relevant in South Africa right now with water restrictions already in place, regardless you should always strive to save water – and money – by fixing all your leaking taps.

Replace a broken pane of glass Calling out a glazier will cost a lot of money for a task you could easily do on your own. Here’s how.

Fix a door that’s sagging on its hinges Doors have a tendency to hang off their hinges – especially if you have children who hang on them or slam them. Here’s how to fix a sagging door using a toothpick! This works on a cupboard or a house door.

Replace a lock It’s simple to replace a lock – if you know how. Here’s how to replace a Yale lock:

And here’s how to change a more old-fashioned lock:

Replace a light switchHere’s how to change a light switch if it’s broken or you just want a different style:

Happy DIY holiday! Keep yourself busy this holiday season with household repairs and maintenance. If you do it yourself, you’ll be saving money when you need it most, and you’ll have learnt a few tricks that will serve you for years to come. Happy holidays, and happy DIY!

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