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These TikTok and YouTube stars will help you manage your money

4 August 2022
6 minute read
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Looking for some great money tips and tricks from fellow South Africans with money mojo? Look no further than TikTok and YouTube! We found these money-savvy locals sharing great ideas to help you manage your finances well and grow your generational wealth.

Before you take a look you need to know:

These TikTokkers and YouTubers share ideas on how to manage your money, they do not give  investment or financial advice or personal recommendations that take your unique financial situation into account! Always remember this when deciding if the tip or trick is right for you, and ask a registered financial adviser if you require personalised financial advice. Also note that investing always has some kind of risk, so carefully research any investment idea so you know the costs, the risks and the potential for growth and loss before you take the plunge!

With that in mind, jump onto social media where these lekker local YouTubers and TikTokkers will give you some great ideas on how to manage your money and grow your wealth.

TikTokkers to take your fancy

Miranda Dlamini

Followers: 19 600

Posts about: Budgeting, managing debt, investing and strategy

It’s a like if: You want the basics explained and need some starter tips for investing, paying off debt and surviving tough times. Plus, you get great music with some of the tips and ideas!

Ivyn Sambo

Followers: 43 500

Posts about: Everything finance related from debt to budgets to investing

It’s a like if: You want lots of content in one place! You’ll find basic money management skills and some advanced investing insights. Ivyn explains financial terms, such as the difference between saving and investing, so you know exactly what they mean! His content is also great for helping teens to learn about money!

Khanyisile Yothando 

Followers: 31 400

Posts about: All things property and how you and your budget are affected by money, such as how the change in the repo rate affects you

It’s a like if: You are interested in buying property! Worth a look if you want the best easy-to-understand insights into financial concepts and ideas. The insights come with music and dance moves to help get in touch with how the world of money and finance impacts you!

Soul Financial Education

Followers: 7 229

Posts about: Investing, including how to analyse shares, and financial literacy topics such as budgeting

It’s a like if: You want to invest in shares to grow your wealth and need some tips on how to start and what to look for! It’s a great place to start if you want to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). And, there are fantastic ideas on how to build an emergency fund!

Money Mondays

Followers: 2 481

Posts about: Investing on the JSE

It’s a like if: You want to learn exactly how to grow your investments. The  information shared will help you learn more about trading and how buyers and sellers influence the market (advanced investing skills)! Plus, you get to see screen grabs and graphics for an in-depth understanding of the topic!

Msizi Simon Ndlovu

Followers: 189 300

Posts about: Investing and entrepreneurship

It’s a like if: You want the nitty gritty details on how and where to invest and grow your money, such as information about dividends and how inflation affects investing. There are also great reasons to invest (and get used to seeing him in the car!).

YouTubers who impress

Nokuhle Kumalo 

Subscribers: 58 000

Posts about: Tips for how to manage your money, from buying a car, to investing and submitting your tax return

It’s a like if: You’re looking for ways to make the best decisions in your everyday life, save money and keep your money affairs in order! She includes ALL the details – which makes the videos longer but also more valuable! Bonus – you get to see Nokuhle put her money tips into action!

Mapalo Makhu

Subscribers: 21 100

Posts about: Budgeting, debt and investing, with great ideas on how to deal with your emotions around money!

It’s a like if: You are focused on getting out of debt and want to stop sabotaging your efforts to save by spending too much! What’s even better is that you get to learn about how to deal with debt pressure points such as planning a wedding – including lobola!

Maya on Money

Subscribers: 2 300

Posts about: All things relating to personal finance from budgeting and getting out of debt to investing and your pension and retirement funds

It’s a like if: You want tips from the experts and stories from the street, such as how South Africans pay off their debt. In addition, you get a good dose of practical tips on debt counselling from start to end!

Financial bunny 

Subscribers: 177 000

Posts about: Money management tips to help you manage your money well and become financially independent

It’s a like if: You like lots of fresh content, updated regularly. Watch if you want to grow your wealth by investing, and save money on unnecessary expenses and debt! Want more? There are playlists for different topics including the ins and outs of buying and investing in property to give you all the information you need.

Nozi van Heerden

Subscribers: 6 630

Posts about: Investing in the stock market so you can grow your wealth, and money tips such as which money mistakes to avoid

It’s a like if: You like the straight talker! Worth watching if you want to invest, are new to investing and want to learn all the terms and how you can make money investing. You can also learn how to spot a good investment from a not-so-good investment by analysing a company’s shares and financial statements. Plus, you get to learn about side hustles to grow your income (so you will have enough to invest!)

Money Marx

Subscribers: 4 370

Posts about: Investing and savings hacks, how to cut your expenses, and how you can make money without having a job!

It’s a like if: You like the real-life “great resignation” story and want to see how other people are managing their day-to-day budgets and investing without a full -time job. Good to know – there is an occasional cute animal pic from the posts about working as vets.


Subscribers: 1 350

Posts about: Investing, including how to invest in the market, when to invest in the market and advanced trading such as short-selling and margin lending

It’s a like if: You have a keen interest in investing and trading and want to learn how to make money in the stock market. Suitable for the serious investor and trader who knows and understands the risks of trading in the shares on the market. And, there are great explanations of trading terms!

Don’t forget:

Community groups on WhatsApp and Facebook that share good deals such as 1 Family 1 Stockpile and your local neighbourhood group.

Enjoy and learn

Enjoy these and more great money tips – always evaluate them and make sure they are suitable for you before following!

Note: The follower numbers were recorded on 26 July 2022.

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