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8 things you can live without in 2022

3 January 2022
2 minute read
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Spending more money than you want to? We’ve found eight things to live without in the new year. Cut out some of these non-essentials and you will save hundreds of rands!

1. Regular home and garden help

If you pay the minimum wage, a domestic worker and gardener for one day of the week will cost around R1 300 a month. How would you feel about adding that back into your budget? Not completely convinced? Why not cut down to twice a month, which will result in substantial savings. And you’ll still have the help you need for big cleaning and gardening projects!

2. Take-aways

Yes, they’re convenient – but how much are they costing you? For a family of four, take-aways twice a month can cost upwards of R500. If you plan meals ahead and cut out the take-aways, or cut them down to once a month, you could be putting a few hundred rands back into your budget – and probably adding a few more healthy meals!

3. An extensive wardrobe

An extensive wardrobe, including accessories, is a luxury – not a necessity. And very easy to live without! Buy only what you need, buy second hand, consider swapping clothing items with friends and family and take care of what you have so it lasts for years. Buying clothes at the end of the season is also a great way to save.

4. Expensive beverages

Fancy a glass of bottled water, or how about a soda, or alcoholic beverage? Drink these every day and you are spending hundreds of rands a month, if not thousands. Cut back, limit your beverage intake and save money! Or cut them out completely to really boost your savings!

5. Over-catering at the braai

Shisa nyama is a great weekend activity – but meat isn’t cheap, and leftover braai isn’t that tasty! Cut down on options and sides, desserts, and drinks. You don’t need to give everyone four pieces of meat, sausages, and a piece of chicken to host a great party!

6. Regular trips to the salon

Visiting the salon, even just once a month, can cost you more than R500, depending on what treatments you choose. Limit your trips for special occasions and you’ll be adding the zeroes back onto your bank balance! Remember you can DIY many of your treatments at home!

7. Overspending on gifts and accessories

The pricey gift, the ‘small’ extra box of chocolates, the card and the gift bag all add up. Be extra cautious when you shop for gifts. Budget for a smaller, affordable amount, spend according to your budget and avoid expensive add-ons. Give yourself enough time to shop around and you will find special items at reasonable prices.

8. Holidays

Plan less expensive holidays, look for special offers and plan staycations with fun activities for the family. You’ll be saving money and avoiding the back-from-holiday budget blues!

Doing without will give you more!

Wouldn’t ending 2022 with extra savings be fantastic? You can do it! Cut out these expenses and you can save more so you can build your family’s wealth. Give it a go!

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