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1Life Pure Life Cover benefits

Secure your family’s financial future with a life insurance policy today.

Affordable, fixed premiums

Premiums start from R350 and won’t increase for the first 12 months.

Pay now death benefit

Your life policy includes a Pay now death benefit of R50 000, should you pass away.

No paperwork or medical exams

All you need in our paperless process is a simple HIV saliva swab, at no cost to you.


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Get up to R10 million life insurance in just a few minutes

Save up to 13% on your premiums when you buy online today.

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Quick Q&A

Who needs it?

Anyone who provides financial support needs life insurance. How will they cope without you?

How much does it cost?

Your risk profile and needs are unique, so it depends on the amount you choose, and your age, health and occupation.

Am I too young or too old for it?

To get life cover, South Africans need to be between 18 and 64 – and the sooner you start, the better!

If I’m not South African, do I qualify?

Yes, if you are legally residing and working in SA and over the age of 21, you qualify.

What waiting periods apply to claims?

There is none for accidental death; the policy schedule specifies the period for natural death.

How soon are claims paid out?

Qualified life claims take up to 10 days to pay out, once all the required paperwork is received.

SA's #1 Direct Life Insurer

Swiss Re Reports 2010 - 2021

Highest industry net sentiment

2023 PWC SA Insurance Index Report

Finalist: Funeral Industry

2023 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards

1Life Life Cover products

Life cover helps your family to pay expenses and build generational wealth, thanks to you.
You can get a better deal if you add products such as disability and dread disease cover to your life policy.

1Life Pure Life Cover

A life insurance policy of up to R10 million is paid out as a non-taxable lump sum to your beneficiaries to cover debt, living expenses, school fees and medical bills, and to create generational wealth, when you pass away. This includes a personal Pay now death benefit of R50 000.

1Life Pure Life Plus Cover

Save 28% on premiums when you add funeral cover, for your family, to your life insurance policy on 1 simple plan. Get up to R50 000 funeral cover for up to 16 family members (each), plus memorial, grocery and repatriation benefits worth R16 000.

Who is 1Life Insurance?

We are SA’s #1 Direct Life Insurer and we’re on a mission to change lives for the better.

We believe that everyone deserves financial protection and peace of mind, and we’re pioneering innovation in the insurance sector to make it simpler, more affordable, and more convenient for you to make the smart choices that will protect and grow your wealth for years – and generations – to come.


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