Guaranteed Future Value Investment

future value investments

Making investment decisions in an unstable economic climate, can sometimes leave you feeling unsettled. But with the 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment, you can invest with peace of mind knowing that the future value of your investment is guaranteed.

  • Get a fixed return on your investment deposit over the five-year investment period
  • Guaranteed capital growth
  • The original investment amount plus the guaranteed yield will be paid tax free
  • Commission is capped at 3% plus VAT


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The 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment is ideal for you if you:

  • Are looking for a guaranteed return after five years.
  • Are seeking to diversify your investment strategy.
  • Are looking for a secure option to invest your money.
  • Have a high marginal tax rate.
  • Have previously used your interest tax exemption.
  • Don’t need your capital for the next five years.
  • Have discretionary savings to invest.
  • Are looking to invest in a low-risk product.

Cash outThe initial lump sum can be cashed out or reinvested at the maturity date.

Surrender and withdrawalA surrender or one part withdrawal is always available after the first year, which is not repayable.

Investment optionsYou can either invest as an individual or a trust with natural persons as beneficiaries.

Death benefitUpon the death of the last surviving life assured, the death benefit payable will be equivalent to the surrender value. 

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Guaranteed returnsBecause you are investing in a low-risk product, you get a fixed return on your investment deposit over the five-year investment period, tax free!

Estate planningTo assist in estate planning, beneficiaries can be added to the investment. Should the life assured die the policy will continue to maturity and the proceeds will be paid directly to the beneficiaries. This avoids the proceeds being tied up until the estate has been settled, however it may be considered property in the estate of the deceased and attract estate duty.

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For hassle-free, guaranteed investments, turn to 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment. Find out more about how the investment process works:

  • Your financial advisor will provide you with a quotation.
  • Invest your lump sum into the 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment and select the guaranteed portfolio option to ensure that the guaranteed rate is fixed.
  • The guaranteed rate is established when the first investment is made.
  • After the first year of investment, you will be permitted one part withdrawal during the investment period. This withdrawal is not repayable. A surrender option is also available after the first year.
  • At the maturity date, the maturity value will be payable to you. This will be automatically invested into a money market product. You also have the option of switching into any available investment portfolios on the platform.


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