The Preserve

What is The Preserve?
The Preserve is a new and affordable natural burial estate which honours the customs and traditions of all South Africans. Facilities extend to full funeral services that cater for the supply of cattle for traditional ceremonies. Located in Limpopo on 400 hectares of tranquil bushveld, the Preserve can facilitate up to 600 000 burials with state of the art security, high perimeter walls and 24/7 ranger patrol with private access to card holding policyholders (More Preserve sites to come)

The Preserve Funeral Package
1Life is proud to partner with the Preserve as the exclusive provider and underwriter of the Pr568eserve Funeral Package. A unique funeral policy that not only caters for a dignified funeral, but provides a secure place of burial with benefits and services that will leave you with true peace of mind. Get a copy of The Preserve brochure

The Preserve features and benefits

Plot Reservation
Plot Reservation
Beef Benefit
Beef benefit
On-site venue
On-site venues
Cash for funerals
Cash for funeral services
Wills & Estate
Wills and estate benefit

Watch this video to find out more about The Preserve

Who can be covered and waiting periods

  • Only available to South African citizens.

  • Only available to South African citizens.

  • The Preserve Family: Cover for up to 6 members.

  • Age of entry cannot exceed 64, for all policy members.

  • The Preserve Pensioner: No maximum age of entry.

  • No waiting period for accidental death*.

  • 6 month waiting period applies for natural causes.

  • 24 month suicide clause.