1Life competition - Get an obligation-free quote and stand to win your share of R100,000

These general conditions for promotions and competitions apply to competitions and other promotional activities organized by 1Life Insurance Ltd (“Provider”). By participating in the any competitions, the participant agrees to the following Competition Terms and Conditions. In addition, each competition and/or other promotion may have specific terms and conditions mentioned in the competition rules.

Qualifying criteria and rules:

  • All 1Life competitions are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act Regulations.
  • Only South African citizens or permanent residents between the ages of 18 to 65 may participate in the competition and/or promotion.
  • Excluded from participation are staff and relatives of the Provider and cohabiting partners or family of the aforementioned employees. As well as any participants/suppliers in respect of the particular competition (including advertising agencies, advertisers, sponsors or producers).
  • The participant is obliged to provide accurate, current and complete information when participating in the competition. 1Life may request a winner, before presenting the award or prize, to provide proof of their identity and residence information previously provided by the participant.
  • Obtaining an obligation-free quote from 1Life brings about entry into the competition. Additionally, only participants who receive an obligation-free life, funeral, dread or disability cover quote will be entered into the draw for the prize.
  • Competition entries are counted as 1 per person regardless of the number of quotes obtained. Should an individual client obtain multiple quotes it will not result in multiple entries.
  • Participation in the competition requires that all relevant information required to accurately determine the identity of the applicant/participant must be supplied to the Provider. This includes proof of citizenship, either by way of a valid South African Identity document, valid South African driver’s license, or South African passport.
  • The decision of 1Life is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding results and the awarding of the prize.
  • The prize is personal and is registered in the name of the winner. The prize is not transferable, exchangeable or payable in other products or services, other than what the prize is stipulated in the competition. In case of refusal or non-acceptance of the prize or conditions that are inherent to the competition, the prize will not be awarded. In that case, 1Life is entitled to choose another winner.
  • For cash prizes, proof of banking details will need to be presented, either by way of an official, stamped letter from the bank, or a stamped bank statement.
  • Whereas –
    • the handling of the delivery of the prize is arranged by 1Life. The date of delivery of the prize will be determined by 1Life.
    • the transfer of ownership of the prize to the winner is dependent on the cooperation of the winner with the competition rules and registration process.
  • Upon entering this competition, the winner of the prize gives 1Life permission to use, free of charge, any received personal data, any photos or any contributions linked to the competition to be used in promotional activities relating to the competition and in relation to the announcement of the winner through all media, including radio, television and online unless 1life is notified in writing by the winner that the winner wishes to opt out from the promotional activities
  • At the request of 1Life, the winner(s) of the prize will voluntarily cooperate in promotional activities to the extent that can be reasonably expected of them, including publicity regarding the announcements of the winner(s) across all media including radio, print, television, social media and online. For cooperating with these promotional activities no financial compensation will be paid unless agreed on by 1Life.
  • The participant consents to the processing of personal data in connection with participation in the competition. 1Life may add the personal information to its database, which is confidential and will be treated in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act.
  • Personal information may be used to execute the competition and the award ceremony. In this context, 1Life is entitled to provide personal data to third parties involved in the relevant competition (including suppliers, advertisers, sponsors and/or producers). Moreover, the participant gives permission to 1Life to keep him/her informed of the products and/or services of 1Life, its partners (including sponsors, manufacturers and advertisers) and carefully selected companies.
  • The winner will be requested to co-operate with the Company in participating in any public relations exposure related to this competition. Finalists are to voluntarily make themselves available for interviews, photo shoots and possible filming of their story to be aired on Television and shared on all mediums or advertising, including but not limited to Television, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper Publications, Digital and Online platforms and Outdoor advertising mediums.
  • 1Life is entitled to, at its discretion and without notice, change or modify these terms and conditions specific to the competitions for the duration of the contest and without giving a reason to discontinue, modify or adapt the competition for reasons of its own without any obligation to compensate any damages on behalf of the participant. Any changes or adaptations within the competition, will be made public in an appropriate manner (e.g. via its website).
  • 1Life is the proprietary holder of all information resulting from the competition.
  • 1Life Insurance Ltd shall not be held responsible for:
    • Defects arising from the use of the Website and/or downloading any components whatsoever in relation to the competition.
    • Lost, late, delayed, misdirected, unintelligible or incomplete electronic mail.
    • Telephonic, electronic, hardware or software program, network, internet or computer malfunctions, failures, or difficulties.
    • Errors in transmission, and any condition caused by events beyond the control of 1Life Insurance Ltd which may cause the promotion to be disrupted or corrupted.
    • Damages arising from participation in the competition or for any technical malfunctions, failures or delays with respect to participation in the competition or the appointment of the winner.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prizes.
  • The competition runs from 29 September 2018 to 6 January 2019 only (inclusively).