Winnie Kunene

Winnie Kunene

I inspire, inform and educate people to think and handle their money differently. Secondly, I help people get out of debt and hopefully stay out of it. I write about the psychology of money for the Sowetan newspaper on Tuesdays. You can visit my website at or email me on

Violet dodged the debt-trap this festive season
Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene met with 1Life Financial Makeover winner Violet for an update on her debt repayments. The holidays did not derail Violet’s dedication.

Winnie’s plan for beating your December debt
Did your holiday spending get out of hand? If you got caught in the December debt trap, Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene recommends these steps to free yourself fast.

Violet plans a debt-free December
Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene sat down with 1Life Financial Makeover Winner Violet to discuss keeping up her financial plan this December holiday.

Violet proves it is possible to beat debt!
Our Financial Makeover winner had her third meeting with Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene. Her journey to financial freedom has made her happier and healthier!

1Life Financial Makeover winner tackles her debts
Violet, the winner of the 1Life Financial Makeover, met for the second time with Money Psychologist Winnie Kunene, and learnt about the snowball method of tackling debt.

Violet begins her journey to financial freedom
Violet is the winner of our Win A Financial Makeover competition. Here’s what happened in her first session with Money Psychologist, Winnie Kunene.