The Weaving Wisdom Birthing series

weaving wisdom

This Weaving Wisdom Birthing series is aimed at informing expectant parents about birth choices and encouraging proactive management of both the pregnancy and birth periods. It is meant to shed light on topics that many consider to be taboo, as well as investigate myths about giving birth. It is our hope that you will be enlightened and educated by this series.

The role that fathers play in birth and beyond
Fathers have a vital role to play in the birth and upbringing of their children. Dads, here’s how to take on that role with confidence.

Pregnant? Learn about Post Natal Depression
Advice from birth trauma counsellor Sally Baker on dealing with Post Natal Depression.

The benefits of birthing with a midwife
Midwives help birthing women to believe in their bodies’ own abilities.

Can you have a natural birth after a caesarean?
If you have had a caesarean birth you may still be able to have a natural birth. Find out how a vaginal birth after caesarean would work for you.

Giving birth in a hospital? What you need to know
Giving birth in a hospital can be a beautiful and empowering experience. This is what you can do to get the most out of it.

Water birth: a safe option for you & your baby
A waterbirth is a gentle form of birthing that has benefits for both mother and baby. Here’s how it works, and what moms need to know to decide if it’s for them.